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Deepertruth: How to join the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary

Many of you may have heard our show on June 26th that talked about the Confraternity of the Holy Rosary are might be interested in joining. Joining is easy!

Highlight the tab that says "THE CONFRATERITY"

Click the Tab that says "Enroll online"

Scroll down and follow the directions to start your enrollment!

It's that easy!

Here is the best part. By simply applying, you can receive a (church approved) Plenary Indulgence! (providing you meet the normal conditions). Then, you can receive another when your enrollment becomes official!

How awesome is that!?

Guess what? if you enroll soon enough, you can get a 3rd plenary indulgence on the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption (August 15th), a 4th of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary (October 7th), a 5th on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception (December 8th), a 6th on Christmas Day (December 25th), a 7th on the traditional last day of Christmas- the Purification (February 2nd), an 8th on the Solemnity of Our Lady's Annunciation (March 25th) and a 9th on Easter Sunday (next year falls on April 17th).

You read that right. Provided you meet the normal conditions, you can receive a full 9 Plenary indulgences in the next 10 months just by joining!

The reason why now is the time is because of the year of Saint Joseph where you can conceivably add another 21 to that number on Wednesdays and the 19ths of the month. Add in next years Divine Mercy and you are eligible for up to 31 plenary indulgences in the next 10 months! based on these three commitments alone. You can increase that number even more through your own efforts!

In addition to the multiple indulgences, membership grants a publication that gives spiritual advice and doctrinal support plus the following additional guaranteed benefits:

  1. The special protection of the Mother of God.

  2. A share in the prayer of many hundreds of thousands of members the world over, even after death.

  3. A share in the prayers, Masses and apostolic works of the entire Order of Preachers.

  4. The intercession of the entire heavenly court.

What a deal.


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