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The Guardian Angel: December 25, 2013 Legnica, Poland

Why we do what we do? The Marian Association connected tightly to Deeper Truth by the Holy Spirit for well over a decade tries to Glorify Jesus, Venerate Mary, and Defend the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church. As we bring you one of the most powerful Miracles that we have been given about Eucharistic Miracles because of an infinite and loving God, I thought it would be good to let you know why we do what we do. Let us start with a Hail Mary and then outline WHY all of us are called to participate with our gifts in the following. Let us go through these as it leads our efforts on a daily basis. And then if you have faith in Jesus you are called to show his infinite love and mercy in this Eucharistic Miracle.

Prayer*** Hail Mary

1. Souls*** To bring souls to God.

2. To aid the Shepherds in helping their people to recognize their gifts.

3. Bringing Catechesis to help in their walk to eternity, helping them understand those things that will actually impact their lives, the lives of their families, parish and diocese.

4. The real importance of the Rosary and the promises.

5. Why Mass, Why Eucharistic Adoration, Why Rosary, Why Divine Mercy?

6. Why Ephesians 6:10-20

7. Why James 1:5-8

8. Why Luke 11:23

9. Why Know, Love, and Serve God.

10. Why is the Truth important? James 4:17 To know what to do and not do it is a sin.

11. Why is it important that you use the gifts that God has given you.

12. Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary.

13. So that they can have their “Getting It” moment, and like Thomas say “My Lord and My God.”

14. Catechesis, Conversion, Reversion, Consecration, Evangelization.

15. To make reparation for the sins against the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Blasphemies against the Immaculate Heart of Mary

16. For the Conversion of Sinners.

17. To Ignite a Fire from the Holy Spirit to give people a zeal to serve until they die.

In St. Hyacinth’s church in Legnica, during Holy Mass, on December 25, 2013, a Host accidentally fell on the ground, during the distribution of Communion. It was immediately placed in a container with water and closed in the tabernacle as required by code of Canon Law. A few days later, a red spot appeared on Its surface. The Bishop of Legnica at the time, Stefan Cichy, decided to establish a commission for a scientific analysis. The results were surprising, and confirmed that It had similarities to “human heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony”.

In St. Hyacinth’s church in Legnica, during Holy Mass, on December 25, 2013, a Host accidentally fell on the ground, during the distribution of Communion. It was immediately placed in a container with water and closed in the tabernacle. St. Hyacinth’s priest, Father Andrzej Ziombra, said that on January 4th, along with other priests, he went to see if the consecrated Host had dissolved in the water after nearly two weeks:

"Immediately we noticed that the Host had not dissolved, and that a red spot covering a fifth of Its surface appeared. We decided to inform the Bishop, who established a special theological scientific commission to analyze the event. We noticed that over time the stain on the Host changed color from deep red to red brown (...).

The sample was taken directly by the scientists on 26 January 2014. For the priests the miracle was evident. The commission checked if It was some fungus, mold or another external agent (...). The Wrocław Forensic Medicine Institute immediately excluded the presence of bacteria or fungi as a cause for the Host turning red. A second histopathological analysis pointed out that some fragments seemed to belong to myocardial tissue.

An additional opinion was sought using the same samples at the Institute of Forensic Medicine in Szczecin without specifying where the samples came from. The Institute used a different analysis method. After the analysis, The Pomeranian Medical University’s Department of Histopathology in Szczecin announced that “tissue fragments containing fragmented parts of cross-striated muscle” was found in the histopathological image. This is similar to “human heart muscle with alterations that often appear during the agony. We have not tested the blood found on the Host, we only know that human DNA was found.”

The results of the analysis were presented to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, which recognised the supernatural nature of the event. It is striking that the examination results were similar to those of the Lanciano Eucharistic Miracle of 700 A.D. and other Miracles that occurred recently such as Sokolka in 2008, in Poland, Tixtla in 2006 in Mexico, and Buenos Aires, in Argentina in 1996. On April 17, 2016, following the instructions received by the Holy See, Monsignor Zbigniew Kiernikowskiego, the new Bishop of Legnica, announced during Mass that the parish priest Fr Andrzej Ziombra should "prepare a suitable place for the exhibition of the precious relic, so that the faithful can express their adoration properly".

Doctor and cardiologist Professor Barbara Engel, who was one of the scientists involved in the scientific analysis, said during the press conference: "The material was analyzed using UV rays with an orange filter and the results were univocal. We have identified myocardial fibres, typical of myocardial tissue with alterations that often appear during the agony."

The fact that the Legnica miracle happened in a church dedicated to St. Hyacinth (1185-1257) is significant. St Hyacinth was a Dominican saint who was devoted to the Eucharist and who also experienced a Eucharist Miracle. When the fierce Mongolian troops had reached the outskirts of Kiev, St. Hyacinth took the ciborium containing the consecrated Hosts and was taking them to safety. He arrived at the back of the church and heard a voice coming from the Madonna statue near the altar calling him, "Hyacinth, Hyacinth. I see you're rescuing my Son, but you will not want to leave His mother in the hands of the desecrating barbarians?" He apologised saying it was impossible for him to lift such a heavy weight, but Our Lady replied: "If you had a little more faith and love for me, it would be easy for you to carry this burden." "I do not want anything but to love you and trust in you," said St. Hyacinth. Immediately the statue became as light as a feather and St. Hyacinth, accompanied by his fellow friars, miraculously crossed the wide river Dnieper and went unnoticed amid the Mongolian troops.

Please NOW touch some souls with this special Miracle from God. Mama Mary is calling you to do this to give glory to Jesus.


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