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The Catholic Defender: The Virgin Mary Goes to Heede, Germany in 1937

The reported apparitions of Heede, Germany took place between November 1, 1937 and November 3, 1940.

There were four children seers involved whose names are known but little else.

Here are their names: Margaret Gansferth, Greta Gansferth, Anna Schulte, Susanna Bruns.

Mary appeared to the children near their homes, in a meadow, and at other places. She didn't use a special title, but was holding the Divine Child in her arms when she first appeared.

Mary appeared to the children an undetermined number of times of which only three were recorded. After the children were forbidden by the Gestapo (and briefly arrested) to go to the place of the original apparition, Mary appeared to them in secret. Prayer, conversion, and the rosary (which "has immeasurable power") are to be considered as primary messages.

It is reported that Our Lady herself became the teacher of the children.

The Heede apparition appears to be a follow up on the Fatima event and promotes its message (it is deplored that mankind had ignored the Fatima messages).

Apparitions of other holy persons are reported (Jesus himself and the "angel of justice"). There is talk about secrets given to the seers separately but never revealed. The seers were reportedly told of a coming "minor judgment." It was only after wonderful cures occurred that the parish priests and other clergy supported the seers (e.g. forbidding a public dance announced for October 21, 1945).

The details of the various healings are not reported. The bishop of Osnabrück at the time the apparitions commenced, appointed a new parish priest who declared that there are "undeniable proofs of the seriousness and authenticity of these manifestations." No other Church action has been reported. Queen of the Universe, Queen of the Poor Souls, pray for us.

The reported message of Heede is very similar to that of Fatima.  Our Lady appears to have said little.  She appeared to the girls with the Divine Child in her arms, smiled at them and was content to have them enraptured with the beauty of the Divine presence. 

    When Our Lord -- as a grown man -- appeared to one of the seers, Greta Gansforth, He had a solemn and sad warning to give her. 

    "Men did not listen to My Most Holy Mother when She appeared to them at Fatima and admonished them to do penance.  Now I Myself am coming at the last hour to warn and admonish mankind! The times are very serious!  Men should at last do penance, turn away from their sins and pray, pray much in order that the wrath of God may be mitigated!  Particularly the Holy Rosary should be prayed very often!  The Rosary is very powerful with God!  Worldly pleasures and amusements should be restricted." 

    "Men do not listen to My Voice, they harden their hearts, they resist My grace, they do not wish to have anything to do with My Mercy, My Love, My merits; mankind is worse than before the deluge.  Mankind is suffocating in sin.  Hatred and greed rule their hearts.  This is the work of the Devil.  They live in great darkness . . ." 

    "Through the wounds that bleed now, mercy will again gain victory over justice.  My faithful souls should not be asleep now like the disciples on Mt. Olivet.  They should pray without ceasing and gain all they can for themselves and for others."


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