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The Catholic Defender: The Vicious Act of Columny with Father Farrar Part II

At the end of the Easter Vigil Service 30 March 2024, I had sat in the far back right in the back of the church and principly stayed alone in prayer with the congregation. The baptisms, confirmations were all wonderful as were all the scripture readings and prayers.

Following the Service I approached the front towards the Sactuary to obtain a consecrated Host for my wife.

I stopped along the way when I saw our Choir Director Fernando Gil, to thank him for the extra-ordinary music during the Easter Vigil Mass. I thanked him also for the work in general he does with the choir. He then acknowlege that he was not the one who had accused me of stalking children. I told him that I realize that. As Fenando was explaning to me that he should have informed me previously that their policy is that no parishoner is allowed to sit in on a choir practice. That was news to me.

It was about this time that Father Farrar comes from behind me demanding asking Fernando if I was there arguing causing trouble suprizing both of us. We were both suprized at Father Farrar's demeaner All Fenando's response was his usual polite smile and said no. We were not arguing. Then Father again made direct threats he was going to the Diocese against me. He assumed that I had problems at Divine Mercy Parish which was not true.

Father Farrar said that I was limited in my mental faculty. I could not Believe what was happening. Soon later Father then began to take pictues with some who recieved their Sacraments which was excellent. At this point I approached Marcie Logsdon our Pastoral & Adminstrative Assistant who gave me a consecrated Host to give to my wife Gigi who is home bound. Before leaving, Father Farrar was near the right side of the sactuary next to the wall. I walked towards him to wish him a Happy Easter thinking that would smoothe over Fathers apparent anger issues.

Father then grabs my right arm making more threats. I did respond to his threats that in this case he would lose as Father Riley would be fair in the evidence. I do not stalk children and that I did no wrong. Then Father again went after my mental status, calling me "limited"? I would not bow to his false accusation that I was a stalker. He said I was "suspecious" which was not true. I did nothing suspicious. He claimed he had a picture proving I was suspecious. I was being physically assaulted by Father as he forceably grabbed my right arm in the sactuary area where choir members were in full view and I do not know how many people witnessed what was happening.

During the scuffel I never laid a hand on him while he was pulling on me I asked him repeatedly how many times had I told him that I loved him as a priest and prayed for him every day. His demeaner was not that of a paster with love and compassion. He had anger written all over his face.

Once I was outside, Father again threatened getting me barred from the parish. It mattered not that in vain I pleaded that we need to talk. His pride and anger would not allow him. Father threatened to call the police then I subsequently left. Because Father Farrar had earlier brought up Father Adam from Divine Mercy Parish, I went straight to Divine Mercy who was still finishing with the Easter Vigil. I had the chance to speak with Father Adam and the two Deacons who were glad to see me. I asked them about my standing there at Divine Mercy and they responded I was in good standing with them. Even told me that they loved the zeal I have for the faith. They were suprized to hear of Father Farrar's actions.

I was embarrassed by Father Farrar's actions. My judgement was attacked and has been questioned. The Catholic Faith is my life, at JPII I have been involved with the Knight's of Columbus and I've been recognized as a "Knight of the Month" for the Council.

As a result of The previous article The Vicious Act of Columny with Father Farrar Part I, I received a phone call from Nashville Tennessee that the accusation of stalker was because I am a target to anyone loyal to the Catholic Magisterium.


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