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The Catholic Defender: The FBI being exposed as an American KGB

On February 13, 2023, my wife and I were watching Newsweek when a story concerning an FNI Internal Memo had been leaked by Kyle Saraphen, a former FBT Special Agent and Federal Whistleblower that is targeting Catholic ideology stating that Catholism will be targeted the next 12 to 24 months increasing before the next general election (2024). The MEMO espresses the hope that the FBI will be creating new opportunities for migration conserning many Catholic Immigrants.

The Field Office based in Richmond Virginia, the MEMO originating from Washington D.C. The MEMO expressed an excercise againt (RTC) "Radical Traditional Catholics" calling Catholics an "Extremist Threat on Social programs. Further the MEMO expressed (RMVE) "Racially Motivated or Ethnically Traditional Catholic "Far White National Movement"

The MEMO also expressed that Traditional Catholics "adhere" to "Anti-Semitism", "Anti-Immigrants",

"Aanti-LGBT", "White Surprimacy Ideology" prefering the Traditional Latin Mass. They disdain Popes since the Second Vatican Council.

The FBI according to the MEMO seeks to plant Government Officials to infiltrate Catholic parishers to have liberal members to rat out faithful Catholics who adhere to the teachings of the Church. The MEMO comes from an Intelegence Project where this was resourced and betted by the Chief Division Council whose duty is to call balls and strikes what authorizes the FBI on what to act. Some one high up in this organization from the Richmond Field Office is approving this MEMO.

This MEMO seeks to sponser goveernment officials to infiltrate the Catholic Church to target members for their religious beliefs. Another group behind this effort comes from the Souther Poverty Law Center, a left leaning group based organization, who milked Northern Liberals promoting Abortion Rights. They supported the DOJ and the FBI to inestigate Parents as a violent hate group.

The concern that any Governmental Agency would foster infiltration Americans for their religious beliefs is much how the Communist KGB acted against the Church. I am calling for the House of Representatives to investigate this anti-American plot.

This kind of effort was seen through Adolf Hitler/the Nazies, a Socialistic group that our Governmental FBI seems to be heading down.


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