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The Catholic Defender: The Consequence of a Democrat/Socialist takeover

The past several months, day after day, the mainline media to include Fox News have been polling Joe Biden in the lead. They are mindful of 2016 when President Trump won the Presidency when practically all thought Hillary Clinton would win. The basic understanding now is that the race is tightening especially in the battle-ground States.

Joe Biden in the first debate would not reveal his plan to "pack the Supreme Court" and give out a list of Supreme Court nominees he would put forth. Kamala Harris also would not answer when asked what they would do. Consider that Bernie Sanders has claimed that if Joe Biden was to win, he would be the most "Progressive" President in history.

Does the American people understand what that would mean? Biden promises to raise taxes all across the board and would reverse all of President Trump's de-regulations and bring back Obama-care. This would hurt America's economy, millions of jobs will go back overseas. The new green deal would cost trillions of dollars that would in effect tear down America's energy and hundreds of thousands of jobs will be lost. They want to end all fossil fuels which has made America energy independent.

The Freedom of Religion would be in jeopardy as well as the Freedom of Speech. The right to bear arms will also be in jeopardy as they would take away the 2nd Amendment. They want to stack the Supreme Court to keep Abortion legal in the United States, there are so many problems America would face should the Congress and Biden win.

It's all about government control and how the Democrats will rule once they take the power. Anyone watching politics the past four years, it is clear that the Democrats will do anything to achieve power. With the daily grind as we quickly focus on the upcoming presidential election, I can't believe that so many people are caught in the balance in what I call "wishy-washy". It's like their vote hinges on the news of the day? It does not seem to matter what the Democrats will do, these voters bend with the news of the day? One day President Trump has an approval rate of 53 and another day he will be at 46 the next day?

Throughout the 20th century America fought wars defending our country from those who would enslave freedom and destroy our Constitution. This is serious and we should understand the consequences if the Democrats win in November.


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