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The Catholic Defender pledges to travel 600 miles on foot for the unborn Child

Also this journey includes for President Trump and the success taking back the Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate with America First Candidates.

For our American Flag, our Constitution, our military, our police, medical professionals and paraprofessional.

For freedom, for peace. To win back the Whitehouse with President Trump to beat the far left Democrats for a third time.

No stroke nor 12 biopsies on my prostate has not slowed me down, nor has the 100 degree heat.

Loyalty and Courage, for God and Country. The support I am getting from the traffic equaling many thousands a day.

A wave I will salute Old Glory, for each honk, each patrol car, for an ambulance, for a medical establishment, I can go several miles with my right arm held high the whole time. I will tell you this is a great workout.


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