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The Catholic Defender: Operation MEGA

President Trump is currently staying at Walter Reed as he continues to heal from the China Virus and the next few days are critical. President Trump at this time does not have a fever nor has he been on Oxygen which are good signs. People all across America have been showing support offering prayer which drowns out the far left's ill wishes. I am hoping that many will support the President when they go into the voting booth.

I have been personally conducting such campaigning for President Trump before he came down with the China Virus. It is crucial that people need to wake up and see the importance why President Trump must win this election. Bernie Sanders claims that if Joe Biden win and becomes President, he would become the most "Progressive President" in history. This should concern everyone because our Constitution is at stake. Our Religious Freedom is at stake, our freedom of speech is at stake and our right to bear arms will be at stake.

Crowds have gathered at Walter Reed showing support and offering prayers for President Trump participating in "Operation MEGA"!

Thousands of supporters of President Trump marched through Washington D.C. sponsored by the "Walk-Away" campaign who were all formerly Democrats.

Throughout the Trump Campaign, many former Democrats have shown their support at these rallies. Already States are opening up for early voting. John the Virginian has already voted and hopefully we will do well there!

I've been saying that we need all hands on deck as this morning (10/4/2020) Fox News reported more mail-in-ballots were found in a dumpster. It is a disgrace that this is happening that certainly put's doubt in our Elections. The Democrats made a false narrative that Russia interfered with the 2016 election, yet, they are all for the sending out of millions of these mail in ballots which everyday we are seeing examples where these are being gathered to vote for Biden.

Every vote counts (valid) and every invalid vote should not count. Illegal Aliens, several in cemeteries, even pets have had these ballots mailed to them. The voter rolls are no where close to being correct so many have moved and no longer live at old addresses. To insure that our vote does count, we need to go vote in person. You can still ask for a ballot which would also work if your not able to vote.

There are two ways we can look at the polls being presented on a daily watch. They are suppose to be a picture in time and space, no matter how skewed the polls seem. I've never been polled nor has anyone that I know? But, if we are behind, that means we need to work harder. We can't take this for granted, let us pray for America and for President Trump to heal and do well in the upcoming Debates. Be doers of the Word, we need to act now! Operation MEGA NOW!


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