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The Catholic Defender: I will not Back Down against false accusations

Mother Mary has given us the rosary to overcome the devil. Yes, it’s just that simple. The invisible devil wins a lot of battles in our lives by invisibly controlling our imagination. The devil can implant lots of suggestive thoughts in our mind, which he usually has access to 24/7. Lewd thoughts, delusions of grandeur, and wild ideas brought on by addiction to pornography or drugs are his usual ways of attacking our psyche. The devil really can implant thoughts in our mind, and these phantoms can sometimes lead to actions which are sinful, like masturbation, get-rich-quick schemes, fornication, revenge on our enemies, and slothfulness. However, when we freely lift up our minds to God through the rosary, that demonic link is broken.

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Meditating on the Holy Rosary only takes about a quarter of an hour when the devil can’t insert his filth into our brain. But, by saying the rosary, we are meditating on scripture, which he hates. Thinking about the events in the lives of Jesus and Mary destroy his toehold in our imagination, and thus we become less open to his way of thinking ‒ that way being the way of the world, the way of “if it feels good, do it,” the way of selfishness and the way of egocentric pride. In other words, he wants our bodies to drag our souls to hell. The Holy Rosary, on the other hand, will inspire our souls to lift our bodies into heaven.

Is the FBI's Conspiracy to penetrate Catholic the Triduum true 3/31/2024.  The FBI has been utilized by the Biden Administration to use their power to infiltate Catholic parishes to root out faithful Cathoilics who are loyal to the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church because of the opposition to the Woke agenda of the Biden agenda.  It would seem that I have been targeted by such individuals who seek to cause discenssions making false accusations against dedicated Catholics.  That tactic is a common effort coming from the Communist, Socialist, Marxist who seek to uproot America's foundations.  

The Biden White House on Easter Sunday has chosen to honor their Gay supporters as opposed to honoring Chirst's Resurection and the customary Easter egg hunt for children.  President Joe Biden on Friday issued a proclamation recognizing March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility.  Cue the culture war.  On tap will be the Catholics who will face discrimination and false bogus charges.  There mifgt be cases where a preist can be involved.  A priest who would mis use his power and authority to go after faithful Catholics.  We need to pray the rosary for our priests and faithful.  The attack is real.  I'm experiencing it. 


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