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The Catholic Defender: Dr. Gregory of Deepertruth is on the move

Please Share with those present and those interested. And Please get me Tim's Address that came to MU event. God Bless, GregoryMary

I was awakened at 3 a.m. this morning after speaking to the Students for Life on the MU Campus along with some 40 Days for Life and some BFF who brought pictures and supported the young men and women that were standing for the King of Kings.

Mary Awakened me for Her Son, your Creator, and let me know she wanted me to point what happened to Her Son, and let each of you see HIS spirit and support and protection in what happened to us when we were arrested at Notre Dame.

First we were with about 40 people in the holding cell of the county Jail at ND, before given a cell that we were to be alone or share with someone else. I can tell you first that I had no fear because Jesus was present, and everyone of the inmates in the holding cell stood up with us and held hands to pray for what was happening.

We then were put into cells, and I tried to talk to all the ones in our Pod, about 25 souls, and about 6 of those in our Pod had been arrested at Notre Dame. One of the young men was a young black man that weighed 150 to 200 more pounds than me, and when I introduced myself and reached out to shake his hand, he would not do that and just turned with a grunt, not responding at all. So the Lord prompted me when they got in line for the first meal to take my tray over and set across from him at his table and offer him whatever he wanted off of my tray, and would he pray for me and allow me to pray for him, and when I got out the first time, this young man that seemed like a hardened young man, but only had a grandmother that told him anything about Jesus, cried and hugged me and said, please pray for me.

Another young man, a young white boy, very afraid allowed an opening for Jesus and allowed me to pray for him, and his statement I hear to this day, “We aren’t all bad in here” as Jesus through him allowed me to see the Truth in that statement as I connected to what a Judge once said, “There but for the Grace of God, go I”

The second time I was in, Dr. Keyes was in my Pod with about 7 or 8 others arrested while trying to take the Cross of Jesus into the Campus of Notre Dame. Visualize this, I had just ran for Governor of Missouri and Dr. Keyes was running again for President of the United States against the evil of Lies and Death of Obama. While in the second time, in the main area where prisoners were together, there were about 700 of them, and they were aware of why we were in there, there was glass where they could see us and we could see them and there were some that definitely look hardened. But let me tell you how Jesus showed up again, we were setting at the same table to eat, and after praying an eating, everyone gave respect to our prayers. When we finished, Dr. Keyes started singing a song about little David, Dr. Keyes taught us the answering chorus and we started singing and laughing, and then we got up and started dancing with our singing.

Unknown to us was that the 700 inmates were watching and sending a message through the Pods that reached the door of our Pod and one of the inmates that knew the system, retrieved the note from the main body of the inmates, that said, “We are with you”. We took the note to the front of our Pod and held it up for the main body of inmates to see we received it and as we acknowledged their note, we could see the roar of approval from the inmates, Jesus had spoken through the inmates to us, as we were allowed to give each other Joy and Peace that only God can give and is beyond human understanding.

Add this to the fact that Notre Dame grads, attorneys, etc. from all over the country offered support to our little Country attorney that was used to get us out a few hours later and when they had arrested a little priest, it cost Notre Dame over 100 million dollars for supporting evil and death, as Jesus again showed His presence.

Like you young people of SFL that stood up against the evil at MU, know that you impacted lives and souls. Thank you for allowing the 40 Days for Life group, The BFF (Best Friends Framers) Knights of Columbus, Marian Association, Deeper Truth to stand with you and be impacted by you, and me, and Servant of the King and HIS Mother, to be a small part of your efforts to Glorify Jesus and Defend Innocent Life.

Love and Prayers in Christ to each of you,

Dr. GregoryMary Thompson


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