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The Catholic Defender: Peaceful Protest VS Violence, Looting, Business Destruction

"$1 Billion-Plus Riot Damage is Most Expensive in Insurance History." Rush Limbaugh

Fox News reported tonight (9/16/2020) that since May 25, since the George Floyd story broke, the cost of all the looting and destruction of businesses could reach as high as $2 billion dollars. I'm not disputing that there have been people out conducting peaceful protests concerned about the police and racism. That is an important question that should be addressed and why America believes in peaceful demonstrations. That certainly should be debated. It is my opinion that the vast number of police officers are good men and women who serve the public. In fact, nobody hates a "bad-cop" more than good cops!

Unfortunately, perhaps riding on the back of legitimate protesting, each day around the United States in Blue cities in Blue States would average $17,241,379 dollars each and every day. The affect this has on local business owners is devastating to those owners who will struggle to repair their livelihood. Not to mention of the local population who will have to find other means of buying food and supplies.

Joe Biden for several months never recognized the extent to the damage taking place throughout America. The Democrat Convention never mentioned the carnage taking place and it was not until Biden became alarmed about the polls tightening as President Trump has caught up in the polls, actually taking the lead on some of the most important polls.

Since May 25, over 1,000 police officers have been hurt, some seriously and some killed. Because the Democrats have pushed for defunding the police throughout America, Black Lives Matter have been emboldened to assassinate police officers. The cost of the loss of man hours, the loss of police due to cities defunding the personnel causing the rise of crime, that is a terrible price tag.

The media most likely will not report the effects of the damage caused by "peaceful protesters" especially when the problems usually takes place when darkness replaces the light of day. $17, 241,379 dollars a day for insurance to cover the cost will unfortunately take a long time to resolve the damage. Many of these people will either rebuild or they will move elsewhere. That only hurts those living in these blue cities. Sadly, the local governments are not doing anything about it because they hope this hurts President Trump. Many of those cause the damage are crossing State lines not caring about what they are doing. These when arrested should be in prison for a long time.

Lord God and Heavenly King, You alone are the Lord of the earth and King of the universe, and You alone can revive and restore the United States Of America and bring us back under Your own Sovereign rule.

Give our President, together with his advisors and the whole of his administration, the wisdom and grace to turn from the ungodly path that they are following, and may they set this nation back on the path of trusting in God.

Motivate all our congressmen to strive for integrity and wisdom in all the choices and decisions they make, and may those that are entrusted as judges and lawmakers, likewise act in righteousness, impartiality and integrity as they work for the benefit of all people, and to the honour of Your holy name.

Heavenly King, we place our nation at your feet, and pray that we may once again serve You as a nation. May Your will be done in the once greatest nation of the world, the United States of America.


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