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The Catholic Defender: Biden creates a Straw-man and then attacks it

Since Joe Biden has come out of the basement, he has been watching what President Trump has been doing and so he can't troll the basement. The polls are warning him to get out and campaign. Since there was very little actual positions for a Biden platform presented in the Democrat Convention except that the Democrats hate President Trump, how will Biden respond to President Trump?

Because the polls seem to be tightening in the battleground States, Biden has had to change his positions because hating President Trump is not a winning strategy. Even with the mainline media trying to cover for Biden, people are seeing through it. So Biden is beginning a paid commercial campaign hoping to reverse the Trump surge.

There are several reversals that Biden has taken hoping that the vast majority of people have not been watching the news and the media following Biden's positions in the Democrat debates and what he has said. Here are some examples:

Before, Biden opposed taking out the Hyde Amendment, now he would take it out. This would affect anyone pro-life. Biden has said that he believes life begins at conception, but he does not want to impose his beliefs on others. However, he does not have any problem forcing others to participate in Abortion. The Hyde Amendment protects medical professionals (pro-lifers) from doing Abortions to include Catholic and other Christian hospitals.

Biden has been debating himself on shutting down the economy, by doing away with fossil fuels, fracking, and so many other issues.

Before, Biden opposed Socialism, Marxism, and Communism, however, Biden has accepted the far left positions of Bernie Sanders. This is a major issue as the Democrat Party has moved far Left.

Before, Biden failed to recognize the violence, looting, destruction taking place in Democrat Cities such as Atlanta, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York City, Oakland, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. proclaiming these cities simply having peaceful protesters. This was not mentioned in the Democrat Convention. Polls show that Trump is gaining ground with his "law and order" positions supporting the police. Even in Delaware, the police are supporting President Trump!

So what is Biden doing? He is trying to trail President Trump going to Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and wanting to steal President Trumps thunder. Will that happen? Time will tell.

Biden is taking the straw-man that the media has been setting up for him by not reporting the truth, but allowing Biden a means to attack Trump for the things he himself has done.

From now till election day (November 3), we can expect more attacks and accusations coming out from Anonymous cowards to try and hurt President Trump. One such straw-man Biden attacks President Trump for being silent about Russia paying Afghanistan Soldiers to kill Americans as if Trump condoned it. Truth is that there is no evidence of such happening taking place, President Trump was never given such a briefing on that. Unfortunately, the goal is to chip away at Trump's support a little at a time.

Another straw-man that Biden kicks around is the false claim that President Trump claimed he believed there were good people on both sides of a riot when in fact, President Trump was talking about people disagreeing about Confederate Statues in parks. Biden makes this attack when he announced his entering the presidential campaign, when he gave his acceptance speech, and again when he was in Wisconsin.

Another straw-man that Biden would be doing Chuck Norris round kicks if it were not for his frailty, is his fake response to the accusation that President Trump referred to U.S. war dead as "losers" and "suckers," describing them as "disgusting" and "damnable." This straw-man has been debunked by at least eleven people to include John Bolton who is not a friend of President Trump.

Biden, along with boxing another straw-man, has been recently trying to show his "Catholic" side by the Sign of the Cross, by referring to Pope St. John Paul II's "Be Not Afraid" quote, and going in a church to answer questions that were previously approved. The only true state that Biden is winning in this election is his state of confusion.

As a Catholic, it is a breaking of the 8th Commandment to bear false witness against anyone, even a presidential contender. Biden is using the carnage in the Democrat cities already mentioned earlier attacking President Trump for fanning fuel on the fire. Yet, in each of these cases, you have police who are Democrats, the police chiefs are Democrats, the City Councils are elected Democrats, the Mayors are Democrats, and the Governors are mostly Democrats (only acception is Georgia). President Trump has pleaded for all of them to ask for his help, but they refuse.

President Trump must win this election to preserve our country from falling into the threat of becoming a Socialist, Marxist, Communist nation.

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