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The Catholic Defender: The importance to make a good Confession


A widow asked St. Padre Pio to pray for the whereabouts of her recently disappeared husband.

San Padre Pio touched and smiled in pain and said:

Your husband is in hell. The woman said: How? My husband confessed before he died.

San Padre Pio then answered:

In his youth he had a calling, he played with the Lord's calling because he wanted to rejoice in sin and enjoy life; time passed and he became stubborn in sin and could not return to God.

And before confessing he forgot to confess some sins to the priest, he omitted and did not confess with a contrite heart.

Without the pain of sin, without repentance, without the purpose of amending, confession will become a mockery and at the moment of communion a sacrilege, so we must ask God for that grace of holy fear and pain for sins.

Let us call on San Padre Pio to obtain the grace of a good and holy confession.


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