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The Catholic Defender: How Can a Man Build a Strong Personality?


How Can a Man Build a Strong Personality?

As a man you have to walk a fine line between SELF-CONFIDENCE and HUMILITY.

1.Be a better listener

2.Become more interesting

3.Practice and adopt a more optimistic outlook on life

4.Be encouraging and supportive to others

Without confidence people with great personalities don't get a chance to shine. Don't think of improving your personality, just expressing it better.

Avoid a proud or arrogant attitude. Be confident but not arrogant. A sense of humility draws people in towards you.

You have to learn how to handle ANYTHING, from a dirty diaper to a mugger to a volcanic eruption, and do it right the first time.

What you can’t do is be proud or arrogant about it; don’t brag, just do your best and don’t seek recognition; do your best in all things because you need to know you can do it and do it for God's glory.

That confidence will carve itself into your face and bearing- you won’t need to brag, and eventually you won’t want to brag. You will be self-assured anywhere, with anyone.

That’s a never=ending process. You also have to learn how to gracefully seek help when you don’t have a clue how to handle something.

When you get that help, PAY ATTENTION and add it to your toolbox of skills- always be grateful to your teachers. Never be afraid to learn anything. That keeps you humble and keeps others willing to help you.

You have to learn to share what you know with humble confidence. Give anything asked of you freely- be clear and direct without being overbearing in your teaching. Others will seek you out for this. You will be respected for your strengths and your generosity.

Some of the most graceful and successful men are guys that have managed to put their ego behind them and simply act with empathy towards everyone they meet.

Genuine interest in another person will mark you as someone who is caring and worthy of friendship and will make you irresistibly attractive to others.

When you stop worrying about yourself and consider others in your life your personality will grow and if you’re not careful your ego will grow also. Don’t let it happen. Bragging about yourself or simply seeking attention from others is singularly unattractive. Drop it.

Building a strong personality is a goal that many individuals, regardless of their gender, aspire to achieve. Strength of personality often involves a combination of self-awareness, character development, and the cultivation of specific traits and qualities. Here are some steps to help men build a strong personality:

1. Self-awareness:

- Understand your values, beliefs, and principles.

- Reflect on your strengths and weaknesses.

2. Confidence:

- Develop self-confidence through setting and achieving personal goals.

- Embrace your uniqueness and individuality.

3. Integrity and moral values:

- Identify and uphold a strong set of ethical and moral values.

- Live in alignment with your values, even when faced with difficult decisions.

4. Resilience:

- Develop the ability to bounce back from adversity and setbacks.

- Learn from failures and use them as opportunities for growth.

5. Empathy:

- Practice empathy and understanding towards others.

- Show kindness and compassion in your interactions.

6. Effective communication:

- Hone your communication skills to express yourself clearly and respectfully.

- Be a good listener, showing interest in others' perspectives.

7. Self-control and emotional intelligence:

- Manage your emotions and reactions, especially in challenging situations.

- Develop emotional intelligence to understand and manage your feelings and those of others.

8. Adaptability:

- Be open to change and willing to learn from new experiences.

- Embrace challenges as opportunities for growth.

9. Leadership skills:

- Cultivate the ability to lead and inspire others.

- Encourage and empower those around you.

10. Accountability:

- Take responsibility for your actions and decisions.

- Acknowledge your mistakes and work to make amends.

11. Positive attitude:

- Maintain a positive outlook and try to see opportunities in every situation.

- Positivity can be infectious and uplifting.

12. Problem-solving skills:

- Develop your analytical and critical thinking abilities.

- Approach challenges with a problem-solving mindset.

13. Respect and humility:

- Treat others with respect and dignity.

- Remain humble and open to learning from others.

14. Continuous learning:

- Commit to ongoing self-improvement through reading, learning, and seeking personal growth opportunities.

15. Physical and mental well-being:

- Take care of your health through regular exercise, a balanced diet, and adequate rest.

- Prioritize mental health and seek help if needed.

16. Networking:

- Build a strong network of connections with diverse and interesting people.

- Cultivate relationships that offer support and growth.

17. Personal development:

- Set personal development goals and work towards them.

- Seek out mentors or role models for guidance.

18. Dress and grooming:

- Present yourself in a way that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

19. Creativity and passion:

- Pursue your passions and engage in creative activities.

- Let your interests and hobbies shine through your personality.

20. Honor your commitments:

- Follow through on your promises and commitments, demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness.

Building a strong personality is an ongoing journey that takes time and effort. It's important to recognize that strength of personality isn't about conforming to a specific set of traits, but rather about developing the qualities that make you the best version of yourself.

Remember that building a strong personality is a lifelong process, and you can continually evolve and improve as a person.

Fr David Olusi


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