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The Catholic Defender: Prayer for Bishop Joseph Fred Naumann

Dear Lord, we thank You for the gift that bishops are to the Church. We ask You to bless all bishops as they carry out the work of leading Your Church. You have given Your Church the gift of bishops who have the authority to lead Your people.

Lord, May your Holy Spirit grace him with the gifts of wisdom and strength, gentleness and compassion, as he continues to take up his role as our pastor and teacher. May he be a shepherd after your own heart, who will walk in your ways and, with loving care, watch over your people.

The work of the bishops in Your Church is often difficult, and bishops face many problems as they try to lead Your people faithfully. Some bishops must deal with a lot of division among the people of their diocese over many issues, and bishops must rely on Your help to navigate through such division.

We ask You to assist all bishops of Your Church, and we particularly ask today that You help all bishops who are dealing with problems of division in their diocese!


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