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The Catholic Defender: My Web-site is a Public Domain for those who come here invited.

The Anti-Christ John Benko is not invited. He is uninvited. Every time he dumps trash on my web-site, it goes to my wife's email. I simply delete, he has trouble getting traction over at his web of lies and misinformation. Nobody is interested in what he does. He comes here thinking he is going to hurt Deepertruth. Not at all, he just confims the troll he is. He is determined to end Deepertruth, but that is not happening. My Defenders is Jesus, Mary, St. Joseph and the Celestral Host of Heaven. I am well fortified. John Benko, if he wants my forgiveness, he will have to come here and kiss my wife's feet and John Carpeter's feet for the smut and offense he has caused them. He will need to beg for their forgiveness and we wiill see then if my wife would intercede on the anti-Christ John Benko's behalf before me and then and then only would I consider. Then he would have to retract everything he had placed on his web-side.


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