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The Catholic Defender, John Benko, the Philistine of the 4 Persons Snake Pit sends a crude message across the bowl. He has totally lost it.

Just a quick update so you can understand why child stalker Donald Hartley hates us so much.

It's just envy and nothing more.

John Benko is reaching back to when his own children were abused that today refuses to let their children near him. They know him best and they want to protect their children from the monster that is John Benko. He knows that I am not nor ever was a "child stalker." As a Catholic Catechist I am required to maintain a Security Check and maintain the Diocean Virtus Training to speak at our Marian Association/Deepertruth conferences and our Ignite the Fire Missions. I am covered by the States of Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas,

Feel free to call Donald Hartley at 913-216-3908 and urge him to stop stealing, lying, plaigiarizing and to stop harrassing good people and stop stalking children.

John Benko, the Philistine sends the most vulgar language that makes a Sailer blush, that is true, a friend of mine who happens to habe been a Sailor said that Benko's language is terrible. Not at all, I certainly am not happy with John Benko, the head of the Snake that slithers up and down his Snake Pit to produce such trash.

Benko the Philistine put his nonsence over on our Radio Communications puting out personal information such as my phone number and calls for harrassment from the depth of his Snake Pit. That should be against the law.

Update on the stellar performance of Blogtalkradio's only catholic show?, Feel free to call Donald Hartley at 913-216-3908 and urge him to stop stealing, lying, plaigiarizing and to stop harrassing good people and stop stalking children.

Deepertruth responded to the errors of the 4 Persons podcast, " Deepertruth respond to the Attacks of John Benko upon Father Amorth and JPII" The Phillistine John Benko is the Bully that reigns on the interent. He is the one who is lying and harrassing good people. Benko is talking about hid Snake Pit who follow after his tail.

This is literally the last thing we will have to say about this evil person and his rabid insecurity.

Click here to view the supporting 

You can't take anything that the Wooly Bully says beccause he can't help himself. All I have done was to respond to Benk's harrassment which he places on are page Here are recent examples:


Cry more baby Hartley. I rule you and I live rent free inside your psychotic head

Thefour Persons

Call Donald Hartley at 913-216-3908 and ask him why his own priest had to threaten to call the police on him.

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Thefour Persons

Call Hartley at 913-216-3908 and yell him he is a coward

Donald Hartley is just a vile human being. It's that simple.

Thefour Persons

Donald Hartley is a mentally retarded imbecile who can't form a cogent sentence

Thefour Persons

Donald Hartley continues to get his ass kicked online.

Cry more, baby


Cry more baby Hartley.I rule you and I live rent free inside your psychotic head

Thefour Persons

Call Donald Hartley at 913-216-3908 and ask him why his own priest had to threaten to call the police on him.

Thefour Persons

Call Hartley at 913-216-3908 and yell him he is a coward

Donald Hartley Low life child predator 913-216-3908

Give him a call. Tell him he is a low life and so is his reptilian wife

I warned you you juvenile ass hat. You want peace, go away. You want war, that's a war you lose, pedo boy. I don't back down to coward bullies like you

Donald Hartley cries like a little girl

Most of these examples of the Harrassment coming from the 4 Persons were placed on Deepertruth Radio, there is much more and far worse.

So, if you are still wondering what the reason might be for Donald Hartley's rabid hostility towards me and my team, it all boils down to envy. Envy is the right word too.

No Envy is not correct, I feel sorry for those members of the 4 Persons because they are being led by an evil person.

A healthy type of jealousy can make a person try to compete. Envy motivates a person to bring someone else down rather than step up themself

That is really the Philistine John Benko who has an Altar Ego and Blinded eyes. Night after night, Deepertruth continues to pull farther ahead of Benko's Snake Pit.

Hartley isn't even trying to be accurate or use his own material or be creative or show initiative in any way. Just look at this page.

That is why we are achieving far more in a week than they do in a month. Benko is a denies the truth.

Hartley shamelessly uses the words I wrote 15 years ago to promote himself. He even has falsely claimed to be the creator of Deeper Truth and to have fired me from Deeper Truth.

I did fire Benko from Deepertruth, that is fact. In the beginning we were on the same team, so after he left on three different occasions, one was family related, financial, and he could not accept John Carpenter or Gregory Thompson. I fired him there after, that is history. I founded Deppertruth in Germany in 1985, John and I took the idea in 2010 to create a Radio network. That was mutual. There was a time when Benko was more than a friend, he was a brother who has mad of himself an enemy.

For the record, I created Deeper Truth 15 months before I even met Donald Hartley and I left (with him begging me stay) almost a full month before he began circulating this lie that I was fired. Fired? From a blog?

Benko lies again, I did try to encourage Benko to hang in there. He was absent for 10 years. Benko was to come back on two more occasions, but he quit each time. I tried one more time to build back the Don and John show which we had done some good things. But after getting a stroke, I was not able to be on the computer at all. I had John Carpenter to hold on to our Journey with Mary series, and Dr. Gregory Thompson with the Eucharistic Miracles series.

I began recieving news from Deepertruth Members that Benko was harrasssing them. About 3-4 months before I was able to get on a computer, I was finging what Benko had been doing. That is when I fired him from Deepertruth.

Deeper Truth is now a blog that no one reads and a show that no one listens to. Nothing more.

Lets take a look at tonight to see if Benko connects?`6/24/2024 The Snake Pit has 4672 up from 4664 with an increase of 18. Deepertruth has 212/583 up from 212/554 with an increase of 29. Deepertruth wins the day!

We have challenged Mr. Hartley to debate us or compete with us or simply leave us alone. However, Hartley's insane envy won't let him do that. He constantly harasses our guests, our members and our followers because he literally has none. His entire worldwide audience consists of himself and about 5 other people.

It's not difficult to see why I will not debate Benko, he is not a man worth a debate, he would lose. He can't stand falling behind us. The man is a slanderer, a liar. Benko has lost many times each time he places his smear remarks on our page.

Anyone on the outside can see what needs to happen for Deeper Truth to have a chance to thrive like it did when I ran it. These simple steps are the only chance this apostolate has to survive.

  1. Hartley has to go. He is a pathological liar and has serious mental health issues. He is a danger to himself and everyone around him and has destroyed any credibility as a catholic voice. He publicly emasculated a Catholic priest after the same received and acted upon credible evidence that Hartley was stalking children.

  2. John Carpenter has to go as well. No credibility whatsoever. Cannot get even basic facts right.

  3. Gregory Thompson must be elevated to director of content. He is literally the only member who isn't an open heretic.

  4. Mike Sheeren could be retained as a production and voice over guy, provided he has no oversite on content. Perpetually stuck in 1974, almost all of his production stuff is high quality from a sound perspective but a clear miss for a wide audience.

Actually the opposite is true, I have told members of the 4 persons, the Snake Pit that if John Benko was to abandon ship, then that would be a game changer. In the Army I ran the Medical Aid Station. In Iraq, I had my Doctor run the (FAS) Forward Aid Station and my PA Would be staffed at the (MAS) Main Aid Station.

Deepertruth would serve like the MAS and the 4 Persons under Richard would serve as the FAS. That way we would be working together as opposed to against each other. Benko has to go.

T4P is still quite young and has a lot of room to grow but DTB was 5 years old before it had reached the traffic we have.

Since October 25,2023 Deepertruth gained 3,958, the 4 Persons on Oct 25, 2023 had 2023 with a gain of 2,649. That is 1,309 more listens for Deepertruth and the 4 Persons.

So the next time you see my name and/or the name of our apostolate in his show scroll, just chalk it off to a bitter old man with nothing to live for except trying to make others as miserable as himself.

John your demonic activity you can't hide, especially when you place your droppings on our sites. Just lie this upcoming show, it is all Benko the Philistine coming out of his Snake Pit.

Neither I or any of my members will respond to anything else from this child stalking pervert sociopath.

Anyone who sees what Benko has done, it is easy to see who the real sociopath is! It is John Benko.

Benko has this infatuation with pedifiles and child stalkers, maybe because he was abused as a child, and abused his own children. They will not allow Benko to spend times with his grand children, because they know him best.

I have walked over 800 miles on behalf of President Donald Trump and America First Candidates. It was a biden supporter that made this accusation which the ArchDioces of Kansas after an investigation vindicated me completely. Benko is using a false accusation to attack his chief rival.


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