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The Catholic Defender At Ambu Ghraib Prison Iraq October 2006 True Stories Part 1

Between May 2004 and April 2006 at the Ambu Ghraib Prison in Iraq 17 Soldiers and Officers were removed from this duty 11 were charged with dereliction of duty, maltreatment, aggrevated assualt and battery. These Soldiers were Court-marshaled, convicted, sentanced to military prison and dishonorable discharged from the service. These Soldiers stripped Iraqi prisoners of war naked and had them leashed then forced into contorted sexual positions. This had a very negative affect on the Iragi people who like the world were following the reports of torture and abuse coming from the prison. al qaeda began taking advantage of this to turn the people in opposition to the United States.

In October 2006 the 2-5 Calvary were deployed to Iraq and I was tasked by the Divison to develop an SOP to be used pimarily to counter Al Qaeda's public affairs offensive against us. The main threats used against us were the dreaded IEDs. Working with other elements going out on patrols, when ever a prisoner of war had been captured, I was made aware of the situation, myself and my appointed medic on hand were then dispensed to where the enemy POW was being questioned, we took pictures before and after to show there had been no torture nor abuse. The plan of action quickly changed the public relations debockle into a positive. The POWs were being treated fairly as prisoners of war. There was no torture imposed and what had been a massive problem quickly began to dissolve. In a relative short time, the Iraqi population began to change towards Americans in Iraq. I was visiting Iraqi Aid Stations and Fire Fighters teaching them first aid and how to manage helping wounded casualties on their own side of the battle.

Soon, many of the Iraqi people began seeking to help out the American Soldiers as opposed to fighting us. Competition devoloped between these Iraqi volunteers and the Iraq police as they cross sect each other and that was something to watch. As a result, the attacks on our convoys went drastically down. We became seen more like liberators as opposed to conquerors. That made a huge difference. To have played a major roll helping to change the direction of the fight, my Brigade Commander recognized me in my accomplishement in making a difference shapping the war saving many American lives and our allies. I thank the Lord for protecting my stron Catholic Faith giving me the eyes of faith in which I stand.


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