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~ John the Virginian

Those who will be following the debates between myself (John Benko) and Alex Carrow of the Protestant Post should bookmark this post and refresh the page as needed. Any revisions to the schedule and rules and subject matter will be made on this page.

Here is the schedule of debates. Each debate is scheduled to commence promptly at 8:30 PM Eastern / 7:30 Central on our blogtalkradio show.

The call-in number is 646-595-2071

DEBATE 1-FEB 12 Sola Scriptura. Alex will defend the proposition that the Bible is the Sole (only) infallible authority to be followed on matters of faith.

DEBATE 2-FEB 26 The Papacy I will defend the proposition that Jesus established the Papacy on the Rock of Peter as the visible leader of His church on earth.

DEBATE 3-MAR 19 Justification John will defend the proposition that good works are necessary for Salvation.

DEBATE 4-APR 9 Grace. I will argue for the proposition that God's Grace is synergistic rather than monergistic. and, as such requires our cooperation to be efficacious.

DEBATE 5-APR 30. Purgatory. I will argue for the proposition of the existence of purgatory.

DEBATE 6-MAY 14 The Mass I will argue in defense of the Mass as the correct model of proper Christian worship.

DEBATE 7-JUN 4 Transubstantiation I will argue that contained in the consecrated communion host is the actual, substantial presence of Jesus.

DEBATE 8-JUN 25 Prayer to the Saints Alex will argue that the Catholic practice of prayer to the saints is forbidden to Christians.

DEBATE 9-JUL 16 Assumption I will defend the proposition that Mary was assumed bodily into heaven

DEBATE 10-AUG 6 Mary, Queen of Heaven I will defend the proposition that Mary is the Queen of heaven.

1- The debates will all promptly start on Friday evening at 8:30 PM Eastern unless otherwise noted.

2- There will be an introduction of each candidate of up to 2 minutes, followed immediately by the first opening statement.

3- We are attempting to find an impartial moderator. If we have to use one of our own people, he will only be allowed to keep time and the rules.

4- The rules are simple: Stay within time, no talk over, no personal attacks, stay reasonably on topic, no avoidance of questions. Each person will be muted during the other person's time.

5- Opening statement is 10 minutes followed by a 2 minute commercial before rebuttal.

6- Alex will deliver the first opening statement in odd numbered debates, John in the even numbered ones.

7- Rebuttals are 5 minutes.

8- Second opening statement issued after 1st rebuttal.

9- Question period follows 2nd rebuttal. Each candidate will submit 10 questions to moderator in advance. Moderator will choose 3 by a random method and ask them in alternating order starting with the person who gave the first open.

10- Each person has 2 minutes to answer. An optional 1 minute rebuttal. Moderator may allow further responses at his discretion.

11- Closing statements are 5 minutes each, with no rebuttals.

12- Audience questioning, time permitting.

13- Show notes and supporting materials can be submitted after the debates, as a completed post or document to be posted, uploaded or linked to.

14- All shows can be linked to elsewhere.

15- Any questions should be sent to


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