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Join us in the Consecration for a New Year

After the last few years we have had, I don't think many would argue that starting off again on the right foot would be a grand idea. Well, for us as a nation, and for me personally, I have reason to be exited after quite a run of turbulence.

We can't think of anything much better to turn it all around than the Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary according to the model given by Saint Louis De Monfort. Won't you join us?

We are going to start on November 30th. It is the last day of November and the first Tuesday of the New liturgical year. It is literally the 3rd day of Advent. So, not the start....but pretty close.

This is going to be a pretty ecxiting journey for me because I'm going through a major life change and it is (God willing) hopefully the start of my exodus from a long period of troubles.

Here is a summary of the 33 days. Some highlights I know about. Take the time to learn about the ones you don't know....even the ones I don't list.

Day 1: November 30th- Saint Andrew, Pray for us, Giving Tuesday

Day 2: December 1st

Day 3: December 2nd

Day 4: December 3rd- Saint Francis Xavier

Day 5- December 4th- Saint John Damascene

Day 6- December 5th

Day 7- December 6th- Saint Nicholas

Day 8- December 7th- Saint Ambrose, Pearl Harbor day

Day 9- December 8th- The Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception

Day 10- December 9th- Saint Juan Diego, a day to pray for me (personal impact day)

Day 11- December 10th- The day Deeper Truth released the case for December 25th, 2BC in 2011

Day 12- December 11th- Saint Damasus I (The Pope who gave us the Bible)

Day 13- December 12th- Our Lady of Guadalupe

Day 14- December 13th- Saint Lucy, first day at new job (pray for me)

Day 15- December 14th- Saint John of the Cross (big impact on me)

Day 16- December 15th

Day 17- December 16th

Day 18- December 17th

Day 19- December 18th

Day 20- December 19th

Day 21- December 20th

Day 22- December 21st - Winter Solstice, Our 36th anniversary (miracles can happen)

Day 23- December 22nd

Day 24- December 23rd

Day 25- December 24th- CHRISTMAS EVE

Day 26- December25th- CHRISTMAS DAY

Day 27- December 26th- Saint Stephen

Day 28- December 27th- Saint John the Evangelist

Day 29- December 28th- The Holy Innocents (pray for the unborn especially this day)

Day 30- December 29th- Saint Thomas A' Becket

Day 31- December 30th

Day 32- December 31st- New Year's Eve

Day 33- January 1st, Consecration Day, Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, New Year's day!

Let's have a great 2022 and change the course of history!

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