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A Writing from Deepertruth Member Terry Delp

Throughout human history, whenever a Nation finds itself in such a state of moral decay as we find ourselves now in; that Nation has become a mere notation in historical books. A paragraph in a chapter of Nations that were.

The benefit of history is that future generations will learn from the mistakes of the past. But throughout history we find Nations that repeat the mistakes of the past. During the time of Babel, people thought they were better than God and mockingly attempted to build a tower that would reach God. Sodom and Gomorrah chose to serve the creature rather than the Creator.

Fully giving in to the base desires of the flesh. Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome. Many a Nation have fallen victim to the human attraction of living like animals, with an illusion of intelligence. Always wanting to learn something new, but never able to discover the Truth. Heaping unto themselves teachers that appeal to the base desires of mankind, ears itching to be told that sexual depravity is natural.

That the acceptance of immorality is moral. That evil is good, and darkness is light. And as we look back we see Nation after Nation has fallen to depravity.

That is it about the success of man that makes us forget that we are creatures of God? Why do successful Nations cease to thank God for their success? These Nations that go from servants of God, to attempting to be a god? Where Satan is allowed to embody the rulers, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini, Castro, Idi Amin..... where Freedom becomes a thing that is longed for but beyond the grasp of citizens? Where people forget that each and every breath is a gift from God?

As I look at the State of America today, and many other leading Countries I see history replaying itself. When a man can call himself a woman and everyone around must accept this falsehood. Where "pro-choice" (such a nice, freedom sounding phrase) is actually pro-murder of the innocent.

Where the very essence of family, where the love between a man and a woman is so strong it actually creates another human; where that foundational part of humanity is now under attack. Two people of the same sex, no matter how strong the so called "love" is, cannot create another human. What happens when we cease to create more humans? Vaccines that sterilized our youth. And evil, monsters that are pushing for these ideas to take root in the minds of our children.

Do you not see it? Look around at the state of this world. We are no longer free. If you call evil, evill; and darkness dark, you will be "canceled". If a delusional man says he is a man in your work place and you refuse to partake in his delusion, you may get fired. Our income is being taxed (a relatively new practice begun in 1862 and at that time it was 3% for incomes between 600 to 10000 dollars and 5% anything over 10000 dollars and was supposed to be just to fund the war. Now, some of us are paying 30-40%) and our tax dollars being used to fund wars and kill babies all over the world.

I read somewhere that evil prevails when good men do nothing. My question is, why would good men do nothing in the face of such atrocities? Do we value safety over Freedom? Do we esteem security more than God? Would we exchange our eternal soul for a life time of ease and security? Will we capitulate to Satan? At what point will good men realize that things have gone to far? And at the point, will things have gone so far that we no longer have the ability to fight it? It is now time.for good men to do something.

Thanks Terry!


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