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The Catholic Defender: Cause of the Chaos

Since May 25, 2020 the United States have seen levels of violence not seen in America since the Civil War. The destruction of property, the looting, the demonstrations, the killing and wounding of police, the political upheaval and the media's complicit backing of the "protesters".

On May 25 in Minneapolis Minnesota the world became aware of police taking down a Black Man, George Floyd. The scene was being taped by phone as onlookers were horrified at what was taking place real time. Soon, the world would be appalled at what happened.

Immediately, peaceful demonstrations and protests were taking place all across the United States. At first, everyone seemed to have been on the same sheet of music, at least until the demonstrations took a violent direction as Black Lives Matter and Antifa began to engage the police.

Violence turned worse in some of America's biggest cities. Riots began in Minneapolis as other cities such as Oakland, Seattle, Portland, New York City and Atlanta, took center stage. On June 17, another Black Man was killed by police in Atlanta as Rayshard Brooks was resisting arrest.

Destruction of businesses and death ensued. The Democrats whose cities were literally being destroyed by these "peaceful protesters" were virtually doing nothing to support the police but actually calling for the defunding of the police.

On August 23, two more Black Men were shot, one killed and the other paralyzed from the waist down due to his injuries. Trayford Pellerin was killed in Lafayette Louisiana and Jacob Blake was shot in Kenosha Wisconsin.

On 28 August 1963, Martin Luther King gave his historic address at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.. His "I have a dream" speech became very important for peaceful demonstrations helping to shape America to accept people by the character of a person, not the color of their skin.

On the 57th anniversary of the "I have a dream" speech, a rally where Martin Luther King III spoke before thousands participating in the March. One of the main themes was to speak about police brutality. In fact, the National Basketball Association cancelled games along with some Baseball games. What makes this frustrating is that these players seem to be saying that it is OK to disrespect the police and not follow what demands are being made of them? This is why people run into problems with the police? Especially when they use weapons against the police.

The Democrat convention never addressed all the riots happening in Democrat cities and the mainline media has been turning a blinds eye towards the havoc until they found that President Trump is picking up speed as people are tired of all the violence.

Nearly 1,000 police have been hurt since George Floyd's death. Many of them were seriously injured. There have been 32 police officers who have died in the line of duty, many of them due to the damage happening today.

In watching this carnage taking place I can't help but see a major point missed by the Democrats and their media allies. I have only seen one media person get the point that everyone seems to be missing, probably on purpose to try and hurt President Trump's reelection bid.

On 8/29/2020, on the Greg Gutfeld show, Greg's sidekick, Tyrus, made the point that I had been telling people from the beginning. That George Floyd, Rayshard Brooks, Trayford pellerin, and Jacob Blake all had this in common. None of them complied with police as they resisted and fought them. None of them would have died or been injured had they done as instructed.

The sports world seem to be pushing a BLM and Antifa agenda to support the Democrats in this Presidential election. They are siding with the idea that the police are out to kill Black men. Basically, you have the Socialist, Marxist, Communist hitting the streets causing mayhem, but we also have them now walking the halls of Congress.

The coroner's report showed George Floyd to have a lethal level of Fentynal in his system.

This is a controlled drug used in a hospital setting with a patient on Oxygen and Heart Rate Monitor with an Ambu Bag at hand. Overdoses of this drug can cause death by depressed breathing. That is why George Floyd was complaining to the police that he could not breathe. These overdose patients usually fight because of the lack of air as they struggle to breathe. He could have died of this overdose sitting in his home watching TV. In saying this I am definitely not condoning the action of the police in this situation. How do you tell the difference from someone who is having a medical issue from one who is resisting arrest? The police are well trained to know the difference between someone with a medical condition from one who is resisting an arrest.

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