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The Catholic Defender: President Trump will dominate the Christian vote

The vast majority of the media have forever been skewed towards the Democrat Party at least in my life time.

When it comes to the mainline media, Christians have a difficult time competing with the far left media.

When it comes to information, Conservatives are misrepresented or ignored all together.

President Trump has been the most attacked political person in history and yet has been the most successful despite a fake Impeachment, fake Russian Hoax investigation, a world wide Pandemic, and violence in Blue States dealing with shutdowns.

On day 1, the far left have sought to have President Trump removed from office as they can not accept the fact that President Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

We are in an election year and this November we will either hold fast and re-elect President Trump or Joe Biden would be the 46 President of the United States. That is what is at stake.

From the beginning of this years Democrat Party Presidential race, the main reason Biden took out the Democrat Candidates was because it is believed he would be the one to defeat President Trump. The media has been all over that as they want to see the Democrats take the White House, keep the House of Representatives, and take the Senate.

Father Pavone of "Priests For Life" during the 8 years of Obama/Biden was dragged into courts to defend his pro-life stands. In the first three and a half years of the President Trump Fr. Pavone has not been in any court. Like wise, during the Obama/Biden years many people were brought before courts because Christians were being biased against due to their faith. President Trump has been a defender of Christians and a friend to the Catholic Church in America.

The Democrat Party for many years have been pushing Socialism, Communism, Marxist ideologies which they have taken over the courts, the public schools, the media, movies/music, the culture. President Trump has done much to reclaim the Judicial System which is an important battle that Conservatives needs to enter in. The Silent Majority needs to come alive like it did in 2016.

A very serious tactic that the far Left employs is to skew polls to show that the Conservatives have no chance to win. The following information was sent to me by John the Virginian and shared on Deepertruth Radio 7/3/2020:

"Imagine I did some polls for President.

In the poll, every Republican supports Trump and every Democrat supports Biden. The independents are split half and half.

If I put together 100 people made up of 33 Republicans, 33 Democrats and 34 Independents, we would have the two guys tied at 50%

Now, skew the sample. Give me 47 Democrats, 25 Republicans and 28 Independents. This poll would show a 12 point Biden lead.

Sound crazy? That is exactly what a recent Fox News poll did and it showed that 12 point lead. This despite the fact that Democrats have never had more than 39% and Republicans have never had less than 32.

Democrats 8 points higher than ever, Republicans 7 points lower than ever? That means this poll was skewed at least 15 points more pro democrat than any election in history.

Do the facts support such a sample? Hardly.

Republican enthusiasm has never been higher. Trump

In 37 primaries, Trump never got less than 85.6% support from his party. In 47 primaries, however, Biden never once reached that level. Trump's highest was 98%, Biden's highest was 84. In fact, Biden failed to get even half of his parties votes in 20 of those 47 Primaries.

Biden has accumulated less than 65% of his party's delegates. Trump has more than 99% of his.

What's more? Trump got more than either Obama or Bush 23 times sometimes doubling or tripling those counts. In fact, Trump has already received more than 2 million more primary votes than he did in 2016 and has gotten the most votes of any incumbent in history.

Despite all of this, the Fox News poll has basically 2 Democrats showing up to vote for every one Republican with Joe Biden as the nominee. This poll insults your intelligence.

I'm convinced this election is likely to come down to 4 states- North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. Trump wins with any 2, Biden wins with any 3. I don't see Biden getting more than 1."

John put's some political science out here with some thought yet none of this is really put on TV? The hope is that Conservatives will stay home thinking the race if over. The race is not over! Four months is an eternity in the political world. The majority of the Trump supporters are very excited to support the President. Biden is not even close to have enthusiastic supporters. Probably, the vast majority that might be for Biden are really voting against President Trump.

We have a religious battle taking place in America right now. Abortion, same-sex marriage, pornography are some of the battles being waged. That is why President Trump will have the Christian vote. I believe by a wider spread than in 2016! In 2016 President Trump ran on promises, in 2020 he has a great record creating jobs for all Americans. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Women, youth with College, without College, many without a High School diploma had record levels of jobs.

President Trump has built up the strongest military while Obama/Biden left our Country in our weakest condition in my lifetime. Before President Trump, our Air Force had to go find parts in parked broken down planes more that 25 years old. It was a horrible scene. This election is very important in so many categories. President Trump is promoting "America First" while Biden is a swamp monster for globalism.

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