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The Guardian Angel: St. Catherine of Siena and the Eucharist

Come Holy Spirit and enkindle in us the fire of your love, send forth your spirit and we shall be created, and YOU shall renew the face of the earth. May the Holy Spirit Convict you and those you love and those that are put into the path of your life. Share this with all your loved ones and keep sharing.

Before this Miracle I am going to share some words with you from a Priest that was with both St. Pope John Paul II and with St. Mother Theresa, mentoring both of them, and they are working on his cause to be a saint. He had an acronym and thoughts associated that all of us should make a part of our day, and at the end of this Miracle it would be good to go over and share each of these thoughts together.

You are not changing your spiritual life that I bestowed upon you, but you can grow and increase in love of virtue, using your free will with virtue, with charitable affection, while you still have the time, because once time has elapsed, it will no longer be possible.”

Father John Hardin wisdom:

We Must Re-Christianize America, Father Hardon stresses the need for true spirituality and the great need to Re-evangelize and states:

This is my 31st year in working for the Holy See. The single most important responsibility which the Holy Father and the Vatican has given me, to inspire the laity, the faithful devoted laity, to preserve and promote the Catholic Faith. I want to summarize what I want to say with you in seven letters.

L. L S. W. C. O. S. or E.

L. Learn the Faith.

L. Live the Faith.

S. Speak the Faith, what we believe we talk about.

W. Write about and defend the Faith.

C. Cooperate, and get Catholics to cooperate.

O. Organize, get orthodox Catholic to organize, especially the Bishops.

S. or E. Be willing to suffer for the Faith, be willing to sacrifice for the Faith. Endure, we need to exhaust ourselves for the Faith.

St. Catherine of Siena and the Eucharist

Jesus appeared to St. Catherine of Siena to assure her that a great flame does not diminish, even if it is used to light many candles. Such is the flame of the Holy Eucharist, because it does not weaken while enflaming the loyal faithful who come with their strong or weak faith. The stronger and weaker charity of each of the faithful is symbolic only by the flame’s dimension of the candles.

Regarding the Eucharist, Jesus confided the following words to St. Catherine of Siena: “You receive all the divine essence of the sweetest Sacrament in the whiteness in the bread. Just like the sun cannot be divided in the whiteness of the Holy Host.

Let us suppose that the Sacred Host could be divided: even if it would be possible to fragment the Holy Eucharist into thousands of tiny Particles, in each one of the tiny Particles there is the presence of Christ, the whole God and the whole Man. In the same manner that a mirror would shatter into thousands of pieces, the Sacred Host will not shatter or divide the image of God and Man that you see in the Host; the image of God and Man is in each fragmented part.

Contrary to fire, the image of the Host does not diminish in faith or divinity. Let us look at the following example: If you had one candle and the whole world would light its candle from that single candle, the light of the candle would not diminish and everybody would have a lighted candle. While it is true that those who participate in the candle lighting may have more or less flame, everyone would receive exactly the amount of fire to light their candle.

Until that time that it can be better, this example stands. “If there were a lot of people bringing candles of all sizes – one person with two candles and one with six candles and one with a candle weighing an ounce and one with a candle weighing a pound or more - then you could see all the lit candles by color. By color, by its light, by its heat, you would judge that the person that has a one-ounce candle has less light than the one with a pound candle. This is how it is for those receiving the Holy Sacrament.

Man carries his own candle so that he can receive the sacrament; however, that candle is unlit, but it is ignited when he receives the Eucharist. As a matter of fact, as you are all alike, made and created in my image and likeness and as Christians you are anointed with Holy Baptism, you can, therefore, grow in virtue as much as you like through my divine grace.

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