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Catholic Defender: Responses of the St. Mary's Joplin Missouri Marian Association Conference

Reflections on Marian Conference, St. Mary, Joplin, MO

· I appreciated the speakers and the topics that were spoken, and the time that was given, as well as the Relics.

· Dr. Thompson, God bless you for all the things you do, all was great.

· The speakers were very dynamic and informative. I loved the opportunity for adoration and reconciliation.

· Both Tim Francis and Father Tom were great speakers, and it was wonderful for the Knights of Columbus being so involved.

· I appreciated that St. Mary offered the Marian Conference. I am always interested in learning more about my Catholic Religion.

. Father Tom Sullivan and Donald Hartley were excellent presenting the Virgin Mary and the Church.

· Since Saturday is such a long day, have Dr. Thompson speak earlier.

· Loved the pictures and resources available.

· It was all really informative, a lot of great information. I would like to see someone speak and teach more on how to do and go to a meaningful confession, as I don’t ever feel comfortable on how to proceed.

· Topics, speakers, décor, seating, food, relics, music, vendors and program were great and appreciated. The personal stories give pause to all of us.

· God bless your service for salvation.

· How to reach more souls, so that they are able to experience what we were blessed to hear.

· Tim Francis – Excellent!, Fr. Sullivan great but needs to be louder., John Carpenter very Good! Food was very good! Gregory Thompson – Excellent!

· I enjoyed all the speakers and topics, and the relics were special as well.

· Loved all the pictures, books, religious items, and resources.

· Would love a little more free time for confession and adoration so we don’t have to miss a presentation.

· All speakers good. Each something I could relate to or have experienced. I have been to the same places, etc… Miracles, reading material, religious pictures, relics, all great to see and obtain. My kids, grandkids, an other kin could gain from this type of event, and hopefully will, through us and staff. Thank you.

· More advertising to get larger attendance.

· Speakers – Excellent, tell us how to get more people to come

· Thank you for your life saving conference! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate enjoyed every minute of this conference. Thank you for the luncheon, it was excellent! Thank you sincerely.

· Please encourage the priests to announce these conferences from the pulpit

· I appreciated the speakers and topics the most, and also like the relics and vendors.

· I liked the first (Fr.Tom Sullivan) and second speaker (Donald Hartley) Friday and the last teacher on Saturday (Dr. Gregory Thompson). I loved the relics. The vendors were really neat. Most of the speakers were great and interesting. My favorite to pick was the talk on Eucharistic Miracles and Stigmata (Tim Francis).

· Tim Francis’s great enthusiasm, Michael McGlinn was good but did not have much time, John Carpenter need to show more of his great slides. Food was great!

· Each session too rushed!

· Thank you for the vendors, the speakers were all wonderful. Tim Francis did a great job connecting the dots of the importance of the Eucharist, Thank You!

Also Donald Hartley did a great job connecting the dots of the Old and New Testaments regarding Mother Mary! I look forward to reading his books!

· Maybe a little more music, and thanks to the K of C for the foods, it was very nice.

· I really liked the fact that I have been in church all weekend. I really liked John Carpenter lecture on Sat. session, very interesting. And my favorite lecturer was Tim Francis’ talk as he was very hyped and really knew what he was saying, Very good!

· The pictures were very pretty and I like the free things that were given away.

· I liked the Saturday session because I could hear it with better microphones and visual aids, but could not hear much in the church and did not get much out of the Friday session because of that, even though Father was great to speak to in person as well as Don Hartley.

· I loved the big posters that were hung in the Parish Center, beautiful.

· Could have more discussion on theology, eternity, and the saints. What we had on Saturday was great when talking about the saints and what learned makes us hungry for more. Would love to have handouts on the talks.

· I so appreciate you all for coming from other towns to be with us this weekend, time away from families, schedules and other activities that one can be doing.

· The handouts of the Mary prayer (Consecration) is very awesome, and good taste with paper and background. I wish we could have had more handouts on the different subjects discussed the last two days.

· We need to do something like this in every parish, thank you Dr. Thompson for working with Father Joseph and team to bring this to St. Mary.

· I have heard Tim Francis at least 4 times and look forward to it every time

. Michael McGlinn has a great message and a great voice, I am so thankful I got to meet him.

. John Carpenter, Fr. Tom Sullivan, and Donald Hartley gave great insight on the Blessed Virgin Mary! Something really needed in this part of Missouri!

. I was deeply touched with Dr. Gregory Thompson in how he truly cares about souls for the Lord.

. As a non-Catholic believer, my eyes were definitely opened this weekend. Thank you!

. I want to thank all the volunteers who helped make this Conference as special as it was! I would like to see more of these and to see larger crowds.

. The Church was beautiful, the Mass and everything was awesome.

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