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The Catholic Defender: President Trump, Build The Wall

It's hard after several weeks of debate over the shutdown of the Federal Government to decide who was responsible. Both sides are entrenched.

President Trump did in fact from the outset did take responsibility for the shutdown, but that was initially because he believes his responsibility to defend Americans mandated it. The fact that Nancy Peloci and Chuck Schumer neither one would be supportive of securing the Southern Border and have avowed not to change regardless. They are for open borders. During the 35 day shutdown they never came to the table to offer any kind of plan while President Trump made several plans to negotiate a deal.

The liberal Never Trump media always made their reports to take the advantage of using the shutdown attacking President Trump attempting to weaken his resolve to secure our Southern Border. Fox News was one of the few news outlets that tried to give fair and balanced reporting on the crisis that developed as a result of the shutdown.

I myself have served in the Military for nearly 27 years and I have also worked as a Federal Employee for the VA at Temple Texas and for the Commissary at Red Stone Alabama. I know people I care about that have been affected by the shutdown.

The Republicans attempted to offer Bills that would have paid the United States Coast Guard which were blocked by the Democrats. Also, Bills were introduced to pay the Federal Employees that were blocked by the Democrats. The Democrats passed bills in the House of Representatives that were to get people back to work but like usual, they attached liberal agendas along with them.

In other words, politics were being used to further agendas at the expense of the American people, the Federal Employees and the Southern Border. The Democrats do not want a secured border with Mexico, they want open borders.

Remember President Reagan? The Democrats in 1986 made the deal with President Reagan that in exchange for accepting amnesty for 3,000,000 illegal immigrants in the United States at that time, that the Congress would build the wall and secure the border.

The Democrats reneged and ever since that time our border has been porous allowing drugs, human trafficking, terrorists, and gangs to enter into the United States. It is estimated that somewhere around 20,000,000 illegal Aliens are in the United States coming from all over the world. Sanctuary Cities are all over the Country aiding and abetting many of these illegals by not allowing the Federal Government (ICE) find those who are jailed for other crimes. President Trump has given much support for Angel families who have suffered loss of family members killed by Illegal Aliens.

President Trump has repeatedly shown that our problems at the Southern Border with Mexico is a true emergency that needs to be dealt with yesterday. Other previous Presidents such as Clinton and Obama gave lip service to the crisis, but President Trump is taking action to fix the problem. Latin America has been sending massive caravans moving through Mexico that challenge our Border Patrol who is overwhelmed by the constant invasion. Illegal Aliens that are caught have been released into the Country with court dates that few actually appear.

There are well over 800,000 cases the courts are behind in trying these cases. One victory President Trump has with Mexico is that beginning Friday, (1/26/2019), instead of being released in the United States, people seeking to come into the United States will wait in Mexico for their court dates.

The fight over the border wall is based on agenda? The Democrats know that walls work, it is interesting that they will pay billions of dollars to secure borders in many countries like Israel, Syria, Iraq, and many more, but they refuse to support our own border. Where we have placed walls, we have a nearly 95% halt of illegal trafficking in those areas. The Democrats see this as a problem because they would lose potential votes. All those who are affected by gang violence, drugs pouring in every part of America, crimes of all kinds, these simply are collateral damage, an acceptable loss for their higher goals of open borders and a socialistic agenda. Recently a number of Angel Moms came to Washington D.C. to see Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer who refused to see them?

President Trump, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer will not negotiate with you over the wall. Democratic Newcomers such as Alexandra Ocasio Cortez and Rashida Tlaib are pushing for a Socialist agenda? Use your Constitutional leverage and call for the State of Emergency and act alone. Like the 1986 Democrats who reneged then, contemporary Democrats today have moved farther left.

There is a terrible crisis at the Southern Border, it is estimated that nearly one out of every three women making the dangerous trip through Mexico are raped, young girls are given birth control for fear that they will be victimized on this journey.

Many have died due to the environment being exposed to the elements. I can tell you from experience the desert is dangerous for even healthy individuals. Many at the border are found with many social diseases, it has become a terrible human tragedy. They come believing that they can come into America and they risk this horrible journey.

President Trump along with the wall, would improve the technology as well as increase the number of Border Patrol Agents will have a huge difference in stopping the massive influx taking place at our porous border.

The Democrats giving lip service for securing the border stops short of the wall. Using only drones will not stop illegal Aliens, in fact, this follows with their "catch and release" policy where illegal Aliens find these sanctuary cities and stay. Here they steal Social Security Numbers, get drivers licenses, and even voting. It is Interesting how a district could have 45,000 registered voters and yet have better than 60,000 counted? Fox News reported (1/26/2019) that Texas had about 95,000 illegal votes noted?

People coming here should do so legally, we have around 1,000,000 people who do come here the right way. President Trump not only has the duty to safeguard Americans through law, there is a biblical mandate that governments should protect their people.

Ezekiel 26:4 God warns, 'They will destroy the walls of Tyre and break down her towers; and I will scrape her debris from her and make her a bare rock." President Trump is for making America Great again, this is not only a phrase that Presidents Reagan and Clinton also used, but it has a Biblical foundation as well! Psalms 33:12 states, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the LORD, the people chosen as his inheritance." President Trump, build the wall!

Once the border is effectively secured, then we can really take action within our Country. We can put in place better accountability of those entering the United States with valid visas. We can better identify those who are about to expire, better take care of our ports of entry. This is the duty of the President and also everyone who takes the Oath of defending our Constitution and obeying the lawful orders given. President Trump, build the wall!

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