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The Catholic Defender: Chiefs’ Marcus Peters, It's Time To Take A Stand

Week after week in this young 2017 football season, Chief's Cornerback Marcus Peters begins his third NFL season in Kansas City. In the past Peters excelled as one of the best in his position in the National Football League. He's been recognized AFC defensive player of the week, NFL Defensive Rookie of the Month for December 2015, AP Defensive Rookie of the Year following the 2015 season, named to the 2016 Pro Bowl roster for the second-straight year, Writer's Association All-Rookie Team, Defensive Rookie of the Year, first-team AP All-Pro cornerback, and Winner of the Mack Lee Hill Award.

With all of the above recognition, you can see why he is a high prized defensive member of the Kansas City Chief's defense. Most of the time opposing quarterbacks will throw away from him, except the recent game against the Washington Redskins who QB Cousins threw two touchdowns against Peters. Despite this, the Chiefs still won 29 to 20 making them 4 and 0.

Being a Kansas City Chiefs fan since the early 1960's I remember the great ones, Len Dawson, Otis Taylor, Buck Buchanan and all the rest. Those were the glory days, and we might see them again if they continue playing the way they have so far this year.

With all this being said, Marcus Peters, it is time that you take a stand and honor the men and women who serve giving you the freedom to play football. To honor the National Anthem and the American Flag. You have demonstrated your point and so I kindly ask you to stop protesting police brutality against white people, black people and all people. At least not on the football field.

Like you, I oppose anyone abusing their authority. Like you, I believe those who have done this should be punished. Let's work together helping all young people regardless of age, race, or creed. At the same time, let's honor the vast majority of police officers who do a great job, also our Military, especially those who gave up their highest sacrifice for our sacred freedoms.

Marcus Peters, you have shown yourself to be a leader on the field, I am asking you to be a leader off the field as well, and in this case, on the sideline. I believe that if you were to take a stand so will your other teammates who also disrespect the National Anthem and American Flag. The sea of red cheering for the Chiefs is an inspiration and a nightmare to visiting teams.

I lost a Brother as a result of the Vietnam war, it was not on the battlefield in the jungle, but in our own homeland, he was harassed by local police every time he came into town. He eventually left Central Southern Missouri and finally moved near Seattle Washington. There he was murdered on July 4, 1976. The killers never caught. I do believe in justice, sometimes it will come later as opposed to sooner. I do not blame all police officers because of what one or maybe two did with my Brother. I was Army over 26 years and I proudly will thank police officers for what they do. They just want to be able to go home after their shift is done.

I've had young Soldiers die in my hands due to their injuries on the battlefield. Respect these heroic men and women of all colors whose blood bleeds red. The color of the Chiefs!

Let's not continue to hurt the game of football, but let's work on getting into the playoffs. Let's make the Chief's Kingdom home away from home who love to come to the games at Arrowhead. Honor our Nation.

Stand for the Anthem at the appointed time and kneel before the King of kings often.

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