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The Catholic Defender: Immigration and the Mexican Border

Recently, I went to the Mexican boarder while visiting Fort Huachuca, Arizona. I wanted to see for myself what has been a hot topic in the media.

Americans have been hearing of horrible crimes committed by illegal aliens. FOX News continues to report crime committed by illegal aliens that had been sent out of the Country only to return illegally.

From Texas to California, our boarder with Mexico has been used to enter illegal drugs, used to bring in underage girls in a sex slave scandal, and perhaps the greatest threat of terrorism coming from the Middle East. There has been a migration of people coming through Mexico heading for America. Many children have been sent by their parents for the hope of getting to America.

In this migration there has been much untold hardship and misery. The suffering of children who are being taken advantage of by coyotes who are paid to escort these children many of whom end up molested, killed and left in the desert. This is deplorable and the blame falls on the previous Administration that all but sent an invitation to Central America. Who can forget the thousands of children who did arrive at our boarder? This included members of gangs as well that past through as children.

Fort Huachuca is only about 15 miles from the Mexican Boarder and it was interesting to talk with some of the local people about the illegal immigrants coming across the Boarder. The Military post covers about 73,000 acres of desert and literally have faced hundreds of illegal immigrants coming across onto the base.

Dave Stoddard, a former U.S. Border Patrol supervisor tells the News 4 Tucson Investigators, “I think the average American should be petrified.” Mr Stoddard continues saying, “That smuggling operation going through there is very very sophisticated. They’ve been getting by with it for years. They know the formula. They know the routine.”

There is common concern among the people that I spoke with regardless of background.

The issue wasn’t the influx if immigration, but the illegal means by which many are able to cross over. As I drove around the area, you have to pass through check points all along the border . As I drove Interstate 10 along the Mexican Boarder through Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona it was interesting to see all these check points.

With this recent influx of illegals flocking through the United States Boarder, the news of all the Children being sent from Central America believing that President Obama had promised amnesty is a serious problem. President Trump has reduced the current flow of illegal aliens coming through, but we still have serious problems because of the millions here.

Representative Ron Barber told the News 4 Tucson Investigators “I feel very strongly that the fort has good security, and the numbers are not huge, when you consider the large number of people that are apprehended across the border. But, anytime we have an incursion we have to be concerned about it.”

What is taking place in our American politics is truly a travesty. It is now coming to light that President Obama and the Democrats knew about this current crisis at least three years ago and did nothing to stop it. They continue to do nothing.

Former Governor Rick Perry actually sent the National Guard to help protect the Boarder between Texas and Mexico because the Obama was absent, Texas has suffered literally hundreds of thousands of crimes against its citizens committed by illegal aliens. Ranchers along the Boarder carry guns because of the threat of violence coming from illegals crossing their lands. What the Obama Administration did not want you to know is that this influx of illegal immigrants is much worse that what people know. The push for open borders coming from the Left has had a chilling affect.

By the end of this year the estimate is now nearly 900,000 illegal immigrants storming America. Considering that just two years ago about 6,000 were found crossing over the Boarder.

Why was President Obama and the Democrats so silent to the point of threatening Boarder Patrol Agents for leaking out the true happening taking place at the Boarder today? President Obama was asking for over three billion dollars to disperse these immigrants all over the United States. This money is not being used to secure the Boarder but to accommodate them.

Last year there were protests taking place all across America, not against the children, but against the present Administration who is responsible for what is being called an invasion into the United States.

95% of those asked why they were crossing over, literally giving themselves up, is because of the promise of Amnesty. They are crying for “amnistía”

A much larger concern that I have is the opportunity that sleeper cells are coming in from the Middle East with terrible intent. Drugs and gangs are also coming mixed in with this great influx of illegal immigrants.

As I have said before, thousands of the children being sent to the United States have died along the way, many are molested by the “Coyote” escorts who are being paid as much as $5,000 dollars per child. It is also reported that many are traumatized because of the violence. If a child would not do what is being asked, some are being shot. This is a deplorable situation and it is being caused by our own Government.

I have heard the Catholic Church being criticized because they have been actively trying to help those who have made it across the Boarder. Leviticus 19:34 states, “You shall treat the alien who resides with you no differently than the natives born among you; for you too were once aliens in the land of Egypt.” That is the position of the Catholic Church. Deuteronomy 10:19 adds, “So you too must befriend the alien…” and this is why compassion is to be extended to those who have arrived.

I am reminded of Matthew 25:35 which states, “for I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me,” so we have people on both sides of the question whether to build a wall.

Does this mean amnesty? Clearly the Church addresses the immediate needs of those who are here. It is a tragic mistake to have children brave the hardship through Mexico with much risk. Human trafficking is a real concern.

Do you think that the Democrats would be causing this crisis if they thought these illegal immigrants would be voting Republican in future elections? I hardly think so? There are people of good will on both sides of the line. And lines are definitely being drawn.

The Boarder Patrol is being swamped by the great influx of immigrants that have little support, room and board, and medical assistance. Disease is being spread at alarming levels because people are forced to be in confining limited living spaces without good hygiene available.

The over crowding problem is a real threat to health.

Because of the climate in Washington, good people are on both sides of the question of our boarder.

Do we build the wall that was promised 30 years ago, or do we keep a porous boarder where people come and go as they please? Not long ago an American was stabbed to death in Israel by a 22 year old Islamic Terrorist, who stabbed several people before being shot and killed by police.

I side with President Trump in protecting the American population which is the first and foremost purpose of the President of the United States.

While serving in war torn Iraq where simply driving down any road was a hazard, we never wanted to see these thing come to America. How else do we keep America safe except having people come here legally? When students come from all over the world and when their visas expire, they need to go home (unless they actually become American Citizens). I had Soldiers who served with me from Brazil and Mexico that became American citizens. I was honored to have helped them.

We need to turn back to the positions that made our Country great, God and Country. I was raised with the belief that America is truly exceptional because of the foundations of our Country. We were the good guys. But there are many who seem intent on turning America into a third world nation with nearly 20 trillion dollars of debt and a loss of personal freedom.

It is high time to pull out your Rosaries and Devotions; Pray for America!

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