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The Catholic Defender: President Trump Coming To Springfield Missouri

President Donald J. Trump is on his way to Springfield Missouri (Wednesday, 30 August) to announce his U.S. tax policy. Springfield is a great place to launch his campaign to share his vision to fix the peoples taxes. The Gateway to the Ozarks, middle America, a land where I was reared and have come home to after nearly 33 years, represents well the reason for the Revolutionary war and King George!

Not only will he be talking tax cuts for the middle class, I hope he will take the opportunity to speak to his promise to defund Planned Parenthood, who is wanting to set up an Abortion Mill in Springfield. I know this has been attached to the President's attempts to finally resend and replace Obamacare, but he just does not have the support by the Rhinos in Congress.

The Republican Party in Missouri is still bent with a touch of conservatism and an ideal place to speak as I predict people will come from miles around from Kansas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kentucky and from all over the State of Missouri. Knowing how these rallies go, you might want to get there early.

The Democrats locally are not too thrilled, but who cares, they stand for everything I oppose; Abortion, Planned Parenthood, Gay Marriage, Socialism, Atheism, Tax and spend, changing our history, their attack on Religious Freedom, fake news, misrepresentations, on and on it goes.

Senator Roy Blunt said of the President's arrival:

"I'm glad that President Trump will be in my hometown of Springfield to highlight the economic benefits that tax reductions and other pro-growth policies will have for Missouri families, farmers, and small businesses...,The President and the Senate have taken important steps to roll back burdensome regulations and create a stronger foundation for economic growth. I look forward to continuing that effort by pursuing changes in our tax code that will increase U.S. competitiveness, boost wages, and expand opportunity for Americans."

Will there be Soro's people out there to try and cause trouble? This is not some liberal area where they feel they can knock people around, they would do well to sit this one out. Let the few Demos come out and embarrass themselves with at least some dignity? We do have a right to protest, but there is no right for violence. So keep your bandannas and your baseball bats at home.

Right now plans and details are being worked on as to where the event will be held and how many people can attend. I think it will be first come first serve, so again, you will want to get there early.

The media will not focus on the many great changes President Trump has accomplished in his short time in the White House and I suspect they will try and find any dirt they can muster to report, but the people will know the truth.

I expect President Trump will speak to other crucial issues of importance such as Hurricane Harvey and Texas, I'm sure he will make his way there very soon, and his call for Congress to work with him.

Welcome President Trump!

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