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September 2, 2016

I have been to the Mexican border there in Arizona and there are a lot of concerns not only by local ranchers and land owners, but all over the United States.

The concerns of having a porous border where illegal drugs, human trafficking, and illegal aliens continue to be serious problems.  Especially the threat of terrorism is being exported by the Middle East.

With today's many complex issues that our President and his Vice President must have to contend with i.e., the economy, three war fronts, crime, Obama Care, the upcoming elections in 2016, we can feel their pain.

Actually, some might say because of their positions, we feel our pain.

Well, because of the many extraordinary situations our President and Vice-President must face every day.

I can understand the pressure they are working under. The Obama Administration was having some difficulty dealing with Colorado Ranchers and farmers and there was a confusing issue concerning Colorado "Cattle Guards" that the Obama Administration...

August 31, 2016

We begin by making a simple statement. The true peace about which we are speaking is peace of heart.

There is no need to explain why we should talk about peace of heart. If there is any single recommendation, and even mandate, that His followers received from Christ, it was to be at peace.

Because we want God's peace for each of you, please read this commentary by Father John Hardon, before you read the Eucharistic Miracle.  Love and prayers in Christ to each of you, GregoryMary

Perpetual Adoration, True Peace in the world

Fr. John A. Hardon, S.J.

We begin by making a simple statement. The true peace about which we are speaking is peace of heart.

There is no need to explain why we should talk about peace of heart. If there is any single recommendation, and even mandate, that His followers received from Christ, it was to be at peace.

Before the birth of Christ, Zechariah, the father of John the Baptist, was filled with the Holy Spirit to prophesy the Benedictus, which he concluded with the pro...

August 22, 2016

Editors Note: This story will air on Deepertruth Radio Live August 24, 2016 8:30 P.M.  From then on it will be available on archive.

Please share with those you love, because of the Holy Spirit working through this pope the lives of hundreds of millions of Catholics were affected.  Then step into some details about a Eucharistic Miracle that happened in the last 20 years, some things you may not be aware of, but also can affect those you love.  This can be major in the lives of those God puts into your path, please share.  Love and prayers in Christ.  To the Sacred Heart of Jesus through the Sorrowful & Immaculate Heart of Mary, GregoryMary

The following is taken from "Catholics Striving For Holiness"

August 21: St. PIUS X. “Instaurare omnia in Christo” (Restore all things in Christ). Pope of the Blessed Sacrament.

Though St. Pius X's memorial falls on a Sunday this year, it is worthwhile remembering Him and asking his intercession to help us grow in our faith and love for J...

August 22, 2016

1 Timothy 4:7-8 states, “Have nothing to do with godless and silly myths. Train yourself in godliness; for while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come.”  The Rosary is a devotion that really places you meditatively in the presence of Jesus and Mary as found in scripture.  It is Heavens Peace Plan.

Perfect for the 54 day Rosary Novena!

August 21, 2016

This coming Monday, August 22, the Feast of Mary, Queen of Heaven will be celebrated throughout the world.

The Marian teaching “Queen of Heaven” is steeped in Old Testament tradition.

There are those who misunderstand this teaching and will even claim it is Pagan. Nothing can be furthest from the truth.

Some will surely want to raise the scripture coming from Jeremiah 7:16-18,“You, now, do not intercede for this people; raise not in their behalf a pleading prayer! Do not urge me, for I will not listen to you. Do you not see what they are doing in the cites of Judah, in the streets of Jerusalem? The Children gather wood, their fathers light the fire, and the women knead dough to make cakes for the queen of heaven, while libations are poured out to strange gods in order to hurt me. Is it I whom they hurt, says the Lord; is it not rather themselves, to their own confusion?”

The queen of heaven that Jeremiah is speaking of is not the Blessed Virgin Mary who is the true Queen of Heaven, but rat...

August 17, 2016

Fear of the Roman Catholic Legion

Because of those attacking Jesus in the Eucharist, because of those dishonoring Mary with vileness, and because it was a direct public attack against the mystical body of Christ, the Roman Catholic Church, there were Catholics that rolled in from Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Colorado, and there may have been other states that I am not aware of.   While we were in reparation saying many Rosaries, and many also starting that day a Novena of Rosaries every day till October 7th, Our Lady of the Rosary, to turn America back to God and away from such atrocities.   Show up they did, hundreds came to make Reparation, and it will make you smile as there were probably 150 that were under thirty years old, with many of them under 20.  

One Priest did a Mass and another one helped lead the Rosar...

August 16, 2016

With the events taking place in Oklahoma and the Black Mass offered as an act of "desecration", America has something 100% greater and better for everyone to consider. 

“Jesus answered them and said, ‘Amen. amen, I say to you, you are looking for me not because you saw SIGNS but because you ate the loaves and were filled. Do not work for food that perishes but for the food that endures for eternal life, which the Son of Man will give you. For on him the Father, God, has set his seal.” So they said to him, ‘What can we do to accomplish the works of God?’ Jesus answered and said to them, “This is the work of God, that you believe in the one he sent.” So they said to him, ‘WHAT SIGN CAN YOU DO, THAT WE MAY SEE AND BELIEVE IN YOU?”

It is interesting that the crowd was asking for a sign that they might believe in Jesus and follow him. At this point they were ready to make Jesus King. Jesus is King, but not over the temporal realm of Israel, but over the hearts and minds of those seeking the f...

August 15, 2016

The Novena begins today, August 15, 2016, Cardinal Burke states:

“There is no doubt that our beloved nation is in one of the worst crises which it has ever experienced, a profound moral crisis which generates division on all levels and results in an ever-greater more pervasive violence and killing. For Roman Catholics, who have always been known for their faith-filled patriotism, the first response to this crisis is fervent prayer and, in particular, prayer through the intercession of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, Mary Immaculate who is also the patroness of our nation.

One of the most powerful prayers which is ours in the Church is, in fact, the Holy Rosary. I think, for instance, of the Battle of Lepanto and the victory which was won on October 7, 1571, over the Saracens who were bent on conquering Christian Europe. Let us now turn to the powerful prayer of the Holy Rosary, asking Mary Immaculate to intercede with Our Lord to bring healing to our nation and to inspire in her citizens th...

August 11, 2016

Today's Gospel Jesus give us the most important narrative to forgive seventy-times seven, St. Peter had just asked Jesus if we should forgive someone who offends us seven times in a day.

Jesus response is incredible, our forgiveness is to be universal and always.  We are probably in the most important political race in my lifetime because of all that is at stake for America and for the world.

During this campaign I've seen some really ugly things, brothers turning against each other, families torn apart.  I am wanting to appeal to Christians in this blog.  It is from us that the world is watching, how do we respond and react to what is going on.

The Media is back to it's old grind, the media is going after Donald Trump scrutinizing every word he says while at the same time is trying to minimize the damage of Hillary Clinton.  Folks there is a reason for this, we see this every cycle but this time it seems extra noisy.

The Catholic Church is very strong on what it teaches concerning abortio...

August 10, 2016

Catholics are not the only ones who believe in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Eucharist, Some of our direct enemies who openly follow the kingdom of darkness also maintain a belief or recognition of Jesus in Holy Communion.  We see this in what is commonly known as the Satanic "Black Mass" which in it's essence is a direct sacrilege and desecration of the Holy Mass. Much of the Catholic rites are done in reverse to show their rejection.  Prayers are said backwards just to give an example of what they do.

St. Paul warns St. Timothy "So I would have younger widows marry, bear children, rule their households, and give the enemy no occasion to revile us. For some have already strayed after Satan." People have forever sought the supernatural sometimes finding the five senses as powerful lures. God seeks to soothe the soul, to clean the spirit of a person, thereby calling for wholesomeness that disciplines the body.  Satan does the exact opposite, he appeals to the lust of a person, he tem...

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