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The Catholic Defender: What went wrong leaving Afghanistan

One thing that Obama did that Biden now has followed suit. Obama told the world to include the enemy when he was leaving Iraq which led to ISIS taking over causing thousands of deaths killing many Christians and Muslims seeking a califate.

It was a disaster This is exactly what Biden did signaling the day America would be out of Afghanistan August 31. Just like with Obama and ISIS, the Taliban simply waited for the opportunity knowing when America was out of the picture.

Now we have thousands of Americans trapped behind Taliban lines with many more Afghans who helped the United States as interpreters whose lives and families are in terrible danger. The Taliban now have the names and addresses of all those who helped America and now are hunting them down.

Watching the news the past few days really looked so much like what happened when the United States left Vietnam. In both cases there was much suffering as the enemy moved in and tortured the people who depended on our resolve to liberate them from oppression. Interestingly, Biden was involved with the withdraw of American troops from Vietnam and what is taking place now in Afghanistan looks very similar.

This action by Biden places much concern among the United States Allies, they feel betrayed especially those in Europe. Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea have taken notice as our enemies are celebrating our apparent weakness. The Taliban has taken some of our most potent weaponry, some of the most updated helicopters, planes, tanks, a major mistake.

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) presented the following information taking place

“President Biden’s ill-planned, chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan has stranded thousands of American citizens behind enemy lines, turning them in effect into hostages of the Taliban. Instead of ordering rescue missions to save our people, as our allies have done, the Biden administration is relying on the Taliban’s good graces to ensure the safety of our citizens. As a result, terrified Americans are being forced to run a gauntlet of armed terrorist checkpoints to reach the safety of Kabul airport. My office has received numerous reports of American citizens and Afghan allies being harassed, beaten, and abused by Taliban thugs. These reports are in addition to the televised scenes of chaos at the airport perimeter. This catastrophe of the president’s making must come to an end. It’s time for President Biden to authorize the military to stop this rolling humiliation, expand the perimeter at Kabul airport, and rescue Americans trapped behind enemy lines. Anything less amounts to an abandonment of our fellow Americans and a shameful abdication of duty in a moment of crisis."

Interestingly, NPR tries to make the case that leaving Afghanistan was something that President Trump and Biden agreed on, "Withdrawing From Afghanistan May Be The One Thing Biden And Trump Agree On".

How would President Trump handled this situation? What should America have done in this process? First of all, President Trump would never given a date or timeline to withdraw. He would have kept the conditions on the ground before making any plan to leave Afghanistan. First, we would need to identify all American personnel to give them an alert to any plan. The Military would be the last to leave any sector after everyone has been evacuated. This includes those who served the United States as interpreters and their families. Trump would not have left our military arsenal to be picked up by the Taliban giving the technology to Russia and China.

The Biden Administration several days after the turmoil of mistakes still do not have the means to save all Americans and those who supported us. The Taliban has circled the Kabul airport closing off any passage of escape. We should never have left all our major weapons behind for the Taliban to take possession. That is a very terrible situation. You don't allow your enemy to take your best technology to include the Russians and Chinese who are very friendly with the Taliban.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin along with the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley is admitting that they are not capable to gather large groups of Americans who cannot reach the Kabul airport. At this point, we do not know how many Americans are behind Taliban lines. It is stated there are as many as 40,000 people in danger behind enemy lines. Women are being hunted down being beaten, raped, taken to be wives for Taliban fighters. This includes girls down to the age of twelve. No leadership is coming from Washington as people in Afghanistan are in hiding.

How incredible it is Austin’s admission that there is no U.S. troops following a plan for large-scale evacuation efforts outside the Kabul airport perimeter. Reports of the Taliban setting up checkpoints around the country blocking access to the Kabul airport, in some cases beating and whipping people including Americans attempting to get through.

As a result of America abandoning Afghanistan premature and without a plan, the people of Afghanistan are now under Taliban law. The Taliban is based from a 7th century Islamic Jihad that seek world conquest. That is their objective. The world is not a safe place when these radical Islamic Terrorists take charge. Iran, like Afghanistan is probably the greatest threat to the West because their Government is based from the seventh century beliefs that a great Imam would arrive bringing about the end of the world as we know it. This Prophet of Islam would be a redeemer of Islam popular among the Sunni/Shia Muslims. These radicals seek to usher in this "Prophet" causing chaos and violence to bring about war.

That is why putting a nuclear bomb in the hands of Iran would be extremely dangerous. Not just for Israel, but the whole world. The Iranian Revolutionary Guard, the arm of IREC is charged with the subversion abroad. They sponsor foreign military campaigns supporting groups like Hezbollah, they have a martyrdom seeking Division with today nearly 50,000 volunteers committed to suicide operations.

The suicide attacks in Afghanistan (1/27/2018) killing 103 people and wounded nearly 240 is just more examples in this war from within. Sri Lanka, Islamic Terrorist killed over 300 wounding nearly 500 more on an Easter Sunday. Consider the following statistics:

The Global Terrorism Database at the University of Maryland reports since 1970 there were over 150,000 terrorist attacks using explosives, small arms, knives/machetes, and using planes and trucks to kill innocent people.

According to the Georgia State researchers they reported in the United States between 2011-2015 there have been 110 terrorist attacks, 57,000 world wide through the same time period. With the invasion of Europe, (I call) Operation Chaos is in full affect. Since the Islamic migration sweeping Europe has come countless rapes, violence that is breaking down local society on the European Continent. Every two weeks a church is being burned down in France, it is a very bad situation taking place in Europe today.

Biden in his few addresses have a feel like Iraq's Baghdad Bob who is remembered for reporting that the Iraqi military was repelling the Americans even as M1 tanks were cruising in the background taking Baghdad. Americans are being beaten up by the Taliban trying to reach the airport as Biden is promising the Taliban is granting free passage. No one is believing Biden to include much of the media who had tried to cover for Biden.

We have the tools to fix this problem but the Biden Administration are busy placing blame on President Trump and the Afghan military. He does not take responsibility and as a result, the turmoil will continue to get worse.

I was watching the movie, "The Robe" that stared Richard Burton, Jean Simmons, and Victor Mature that depicted how Christians were hunted down throughout the Roman Empire. The Taliban considers Christianity a Capital Offense deserving of the death penalty. In the movie there is a scene when a legion of Roman Soldiers were attacking a community that ultimately was saved by Richard Burton's character, Marcellus who becomes a Christian. Watching this movie with knowing what is happening in Afghanistan, it brings into reality that is not staged, it is really happening. I can't help comparing Caligula with Biden who both are confused and not suited for the positions they held. Biden's foreign policy failures make the world less safe.

The Obama/Biden team freed five members of the Afghan Taliban from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for traitor Bowe Bergdahl. These five members have re-joined the Taliban and led them to Kabul. There are so many mistakes we made to get where we are at today.

I have often called for prayer because America is in deep trouble with what is happening around the world. The Rosary should become our weapon to fight the battle with. Pray for our Allies as well because this will go world wide if we do not turn things around.


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