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The Catholic Defender: The Faith Blaster

John the Virginian came up with a hot new idea for our Friday Night Deepertruth hour of Power. It is the Faith Blaster. The Ghost Busters have their team to deter ghosts, well, the Catholic Church has a team to deter demons in the most obscure places in the natural world. Of course God gave the Catholic Church the team to fight demons on the supernatural realm through His priesthood.

The Faith Blaster is our outreach to those who have been affected by the work of unseen powers that tries to take you down. Only the truth of the Gospel is capable of resolving all these issues, even though it can take time. St Monica prayed for thirty years for her son who would ultimately become a "Doctor" of the Church.

If you are being besieged with self doubt, call on the Faith Blaster

If you are having a problem with self-esteem, call on the Faith Blaster

If your having problems with the seven deadly sins, call on the Faith Blaster

Our vision for the Faith Blaster is to powerfully present the message Jesus gives His holy Catholic Church to promote the Sacraments of Christ, to support His holy men and women who presents Jesus anointing.

We are to apply our Faith (Focus, Aim, Intensity, Truth, Heart) in what we do. Prayer is essential in our hour of great need. We will make that the 1st 5 episodes. Focus will be episode 1. John the Virginian see the last 4 things as being part of that focus

We want to blast away all the crud that darkness wants to throw at us. The Faith Blaster can be heard each Friday that will deal what impacts us in a powerful way.


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