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The Catholic Defender: The DOJ is persecuting. In reality, it is us that the DoJ is after.

President Trump has said that all these battles of the Democrats using the DOJ going after him in reality it is us they are after. President Trump simply stands in their way.

The Socialist/Communist Democrat Party are after the destruction of the Constitution of the United States of America and seek to uproot American Patriotism, Religious Freedom, Free Speech. They can't stand America First policies.

The Real criminals are being protected by the likes of The Socialist/Communist Democrat Party who seeks to sexualize our children, push the gay agenda and force people of good will to accept their agenda. Parents have become a leading opposition group who want to protect their children from these Anti-Christ agendas.

President Trump stands in their way and they will send the powers of hell upon America to force her to yield to their demonic instruction.

They have taken over the Democrat Party, the Media including Fox, and the higher places of learning, sadly to say, even some major Catholic Universities.

The Rosary is the weapon of choice to off set this tide of evil. Pray the Rosary for America, for our young people, and for President Trump.


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