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The Catholic Defender: Superman, America, the President, and the White House is under attack

Superman, you once stated, "It Doesn’t Take X-Ray Vision To See You Are Up To No Good.” America is facing a massive conspiracy that threatens our freedom and the Constitution. You also once encouraged us saying that you believe that if we stay together, as a team, we would be a force that could truly work for the ideals of peace and justice.” Superman, that very ideal is facing a threat that we once again need your services. The President needs you as he called for help among the Republicans at the Army/Navy football game.

Superman, many important Republicans have let the President down who seems to be facing a krypton that would challenge you. Rudy Giuliani has found at least 300,000 ‘illegitimate ballots’ in Michigan. There were many ballots not certified as the Democrats forced the Republicans out so they could not verify the counting of votes. They even placed banners and cardboard over the windows so no one could view even from the outside. Many such ballots were trucked in from out of State.

“Legislators have heard from thousands of concerned residents about Michigan’s election process. Numerous news reports of election irregularities across the state have also raised questions about functionality and transparency." But as always, the Republicans buckle under the pressure of Black Lives Matter and Antifa who are defending the Democrats and Joe Biden's Socialist take over. Biden himself has admitted putting the fraud together, "We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics," Superman, America needs you now more than ever.

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