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The Catholic Defender: Serial protesters disrupt Easter Mass at St. Patrick’s Climate Change as Protesters invade St. Patricks Cathedral

On 3/31/2024 on Easter Sunday, at 2: 00 PM I was carrying my Sacred Heard of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary flag along with my Donald J. Trump 2024, Make America Great again on my 10 mile walk for religious freedom, for America first candidates, for America, traditional family life. For children It seems that our parish have within those who support the Biden, FBI's infiltration to go after Faithful Catholics who are loyal to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. I've had potential criminal accusations levied against me that has the parish priest involved in the attack.

While on my way down mainstreet Gardner Kansas, I recieved many who support my effort. However, one particular individual whom I do not personally know came up towards me and gave me both his middle fingers. It's what he said that caused me to wonder. He said he would give me the finger just as the priest did last night?

I kept on going towards moonlight drive and finished my flag detail. After paying the Rosary as I went along this journey, What the parish priest did against me was far more than throwing the finger at me, he sided with communist, marxist, socialist Democrats who pose as Catholics who use their tactics of making accusations to bring down faithful Catholics. The news is reporting that the Biden Administration wanted to let the trans community know that he is with them. Anyone who opposes such life styles will be subject to these attacks.

The Biden White House on Easter Sunday has chosen to honor their Gay supporters as opposed to honoring Chirst's Resurection and the customary Easter egg hunt for children.  President Joe Biden on Friday issued a proclamation recognizing March 31 as Transgender Day of Visibility.  Cue the culture war.  On tap will be the Catholics who will face discrimination and false bogus charges.  There mifgt be cases where a preist can be involved.  A priest who would miss use his power and authority to go after faithful Catholics.  We need to pray the rosary for our priests and faithful.  The attack is real.  I'm experiencing it. 

Yes the parish priest has made it clear that he will do more harm towards me than throwing the finger at me. Our Parish priest has one supporter who supports destroying America. I'm a big boy, I can take the heat, I do not want to, but I will not back down when I am attacked by these leftest gurillas.

Have you ever seen where Catholics are being picked out to bar them from the Sacraments? It could happen.


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