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The Catholic Defender: Rise Above The Darkness, Stand For Life

Folks, it is that time of year when people will put on their marching shoes and go pray at the Abortion facilities.

This is good because "40 Days For Life" has done a lot of good to get people to think about what abortion is.

It feels good when you have people out there all day long to stand for life. Deepertruth Member Joseph from Colorado has saved nearly 1,000 unborn babies because of his commitment standing against Planned Parenthood.

This Abortion Clinic that I am protesting here went out of business due because of the great support for life in the community. It is extremely important that we get involved where we can.

I see people out with their rosaries and prayer books to pray and meditate. This is American freedom to be able to assemble and take a stand for life. Our Priest spoke of how important it was for him to have gone out there on the front line. I think it is even more important for him to go there for the sake of the people out there.

This particular lazy day, I had the opportunity to come out to the Abortion Clinic in Killeen Texas where I prayed the Rosary and the Divine Mercy. I carried this cross praying the walk of Jericho praying the Stations of the Cross.

This day was a slow day, there was only two of us out there but I felt it mattered not.

I positioned myself with my cross and stood up where I was most visible to those driving by.

What a great feeling it is to get people honking their horns giving you the thumbs up sign and waving towards you.

That is a great encouragement. Often I will have people stop and pray with me because they are affected by our witness.

That means a lot! This day, one person stopped to thank me for taking a stand for life. He wanted to share his story with me and I was eager to listen as I waved on to the traffic passing by.

Another Lady parked in the parking lot behind me and was taking pictures of me. I didn't know she was there initially, but I had that feeling that someone was watching me from the back so I stopped and turned around and there she was.

She then got out of her car and brought her camera wanting to take some pictures. I couldn't help talking to her, this was a joy. I found out she was traveling through the United States coming from Norway. She just happened to see me and was interested in what I was doing.

This Lady actually took these pictures I have for this article! I encouraged her to be safe and enjoy her traveling across America.

This is the picture that I hope people around the world will see of Americans who stand for life. With the Biden Administration, the world is losing confidence in America's leadership..

The recent Supreme Court decision to allow Texas to support life when you can hear the heartbeat of the child, that is huge. Of course Nancy Pelosi and her company is on the attack.

Hopefully, this law in Texas will take hold at least in all the Red States that will work to save the lives of children. Think of these facts:

1. 649 Black Babies are aborted every single day

2. Black Women account for 38% of all U.S Abortions despite Black Americans represent 12-13% of U.S. Population

3. 72% of babies aborted in Mississippi are Black babies

4. More Black babies in NYC were aborted than live births

5. Planned Parenthood are strategically placed within Black and Brown communities.

How sad this is and how much these women and children need our prayer and support. I remember working in the New Orleans MEPS where applicants seeking to join the military service had to go through Medical. If female applicants had a positive pregnancy text, they would not pass their physical. How sad it was to me when they would come back after having an abortion.

On this particular day, another lady came by with her son and saw me and then stopped to tell me her story. She told me the sad truth that she had two abortions when she was younger. This is still affecting her deeply. We do not hear this much in the media. After they kill the child, the enemies of life look and seek out another one to destroy.

I was able to encourage this lady and was glad that she stopped to talk to me. She told me how important her faith was to her. Prolife Catholic Convert Abby Johnson told me how sad it is that many Christians have elected to have Abortions as opposed to having their children. That needs to change.

We need healing, this is a fact, a most important message of 40 Days for Life. That a woman needs that healing for inner peace. That Jesus will forgive her.

That is the mission of the Church, to liberate the captives and set them free in Christ.

Even on a lazy day, you can still get a lot of things done just by being available!


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