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The Catholic Defender Reader at Mass around the world, what a grace Thanks be to God

A “lector” is reserved for those individuals officially installed as such by the bishop and who are preparing for ordination to the diaconate and/or priesthood. “Readers” are those members of the laity who proclaim the scriptures in the liturgy.

Being a lector is a great way to deepen your appreciation of Sacred Scripture, and assist your fellow parishioners at Mass to clearly and prayerfully hear the Word of God. Do you enjoy welcoming all to Mass, inviting people to greet those nearby, and encouraging everyone to participate in upcoming parish events

The lector is instituted to proclaim the readings from Sacred Scripture, with the exception of the Gospel.

a reader or lector is the person responsible for reading aloud excerpts of scripture at a liturgy.

A reader needs to be in good sacramental standing with the Church so he or she can fully participate in the celebration.

The lector has the privilege of proclaiming the Word of God to those gathered for worship. It is a wonderful way to deepen your appreciation of Sacred Scripture and assist your fellow parishioners at Mass so that the Holy Spirit may speak to each one.

Qualities of a Lector

  • Ability to stand in front of people and be comfortable.

  • Excellent reading and enunciation skills.

  • Strong love of our Lord and for the Scriptures.

  • Willingness to reflect upon and practice each reading.

  • Desire to share the Word of God with our Community.

  • Have received First Holy Communion.

The lector must believe that Sacred Scripture is the Word of God and have deep respect for God's presence in that Word.

Patron Saint of Lectors

St. Bede the Venerable was born around the time England was finally completely Christianized. Raised from age seven in the abbey of Saints Peter and Paul at Wearmouth-Jarrow, and lived there for the rest of his life.

Lectoring is a vocation (a calling from God's Holy Spirit), a ministry (a service to the church community) and a job (requiring competence, skill, knowledge and preparation).

Lord, thank You for this opportunity to gather together in Your name. We thank You also for the gifts You have given us through the Holy Spirit. We have accepted Your call to proclaim Your word and ask Your continued help and guidance in our endeavors. Help us to recognize the importance of Your call to be a lector.

a lector, or reader, is the third of the four minor orders — acolyte, exorcist, lector and porter. The lector participates in Liturgies by singing or reciting selected biblical texts, although never the gospels, whose reading is only permitted by a priest, deacon or bishop.

Through the Archdiocese of the Military, New Orleans, Kansas, Austin Texas, Nashville, All over the world it is a highlight of my life to have served as a lector, reader at Mass. for the Catholic Community in war zones where I have been stationed.


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