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The Catholic Defender: Looking at the results of the Olympics 2020

The Olympic games began with some controversy as Gwen Berry turned her back away from the American flag as the anthem played. She was standing on a podium competing the Hammer Throw in a track and field event. Berry had placed third in the event as she was trying to earn a position for the Olympics in Tokyo. Berry said that she felt like she was set up when they played The Star-Spangled Banner. She was not too complimentary telling the Associated Press "I was -------, to be honest." Obviously, that did not go well with me because I believe if your going to represent America, you should be proud of any accomplishment. Republican Congressman Dan Crenshaw of Texas called for Gwen Berry to be removed from Team USA after she disrespected the American flag as the national anthem was playing.

Then the women's soccer team knelt down before a game with Sweden who joined our team in protesting "racism", chiefly, America. That didn't set well with me either. Something else I found disturbing as the games in Tokyo began. It was the in your face promotion and acceptance of the Homosexual movement as if this is the way it is. Tom Daley, a United Kingdom member of the Diving team was interviewed talking about his "husband" and their child. That is a form of child abuse right there but yet, it is becoming accepted by these elites. The commercials during the Olympics were another issue as you have men holding hands and even kissing one another with their promoting medication that helps with HIV patients.

Raven Saunders won the silver medal in the women's shot put for Team USA, but she used her platform at the Olympics promoting the LGBTQ (Homosexual groups) community. I was very happy with her winning the silver medal until she came right out with this in an interview. That ruined the whole scene for what she said. Then when on the podium instead of being honorable for the event, she formed an X with her arms above her head protesting "oppressed people", the Homosexual. The International Olympic Committee (IOC) is investigating Saunders, though that is suspended due to her mother's passing away.

During the USA VS Japan basketball championship game for the gold, Megan Rapinoe, known for the soccer team play, was interviewed during half time talking about her "fiancée" Sue Bird, a member of the basket ball team. The implication was that it was a lesbian relationship? At the close of the interview, the gentleman asking the question referred to them as great "role modals" as if this was normal and acceptable. I don't believe that either Megan Rapinoe nor Sue Bird really care about being good role modals as their life styles are not healthy nor good for children to emulate.

I don't want to forget the night when they introduced all the nations in Tokyo they used John Lennon's song "Imagine" which didn't set well either because of the threats aimed at America by Communism today. This may seem petty to some, but this is really serious stuff being thrown out on the main stage when millions of people are taking all this in.

Our Lady of Fatima's warning is being left unheeded as she warns, "Our Lady (The Virgin Mary) told Jacinta, that sins of the flesh landed most people in Hell." Her Son spoke in similarly stern terms in the Sermon on the Mount when He said we are not to even look at a woman with lustful intent if you want to avoid Hell (Matt 5:27-30). This would be sobering news indeed to many cohabiting and/or contracepting couples who now are in mortal sin territory, not to mention homosexuality.

With all this being said, there were a lot of good thing that happened in Tokyo as the vast majority of our athletes were honorable, some placing the holy scriptures in their hearts during these games. There were a lot of great competitions. Mom and dad, these can be a good opportunity to explain the importance of hard work and cheer on our team. When we see these horrible commercials and the interviews that are questionable, we can teach our children what is right and wrong. For those who are in bad relationships, we need to pray for them.


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