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The Catholic Defender: Father Farrar goes for Round III in his continued persecution and assault.

On April 7, 2024, Divine Mercy Sunday, considering that Father Farrar began his tyrade on Holy Thursday after the Mass of the Lord's Supper as I wore my Mess military dress and medals, 29 March 2024 Friday I wore my Desert Storm uniform as he continued his threats going to the diocese against me and he said my mind was limited. Good Friday, Easter Vigil, related to Easter. On 30 March 2024 Saturday I wore a sports jacket, slacks and a tie When Father Farrar physically assaulted me inside the church wanting to throw me out. No telling who might have witnessed this. He continued making threats against me. attacking my integrity and mental status.

On April 7, 2024, Divine Mercy Sunday following the 9:00 Mass I again was distributing prayer cards as I did at the 07:30 Sunday morning Mass. and the Saturday afternoon Mass. Being the remaing Knight left at the time, I made sure that the church was empty and all cards distributed. That's when Father Farrar again attacked my mental status verbally using my past strokes as justification. Never mind the fact that Neurologists has cleared me several times, I told Father "that I was not against him, that I am for him and that I pray for him daily."  I had hoped that would have been reconciling, but it took the opposite direction. Father Farrar continued his bombardment against my person. He told me that I did have not the common sense to know when I was unwanted. He complained about my being assigned for any duty from the Knights and that he was going to talk to someone to prevent me from having anything to do with the Parish. This has been Father Farrar's multiple threat to have me barred from the church. I would not cower down to Father Farrar's accusation that I was a child stocker, because that is a lie from the pit of hell. He is trying to push a lie for his justification to discriminate against me.

This past Saturday, 6 April 2024 at the afternoon Mass I served with fellow Knights of Columbus in handing out Saint prayer cards to parisheners as they left the church. I did go inside the church when I saw there were still people inside to see if anyone would like a religious card given by the Knights I was the last Knight at the time handing out cards. Nothing was going on as the service was over.

A number of people did ask me for a card when Father Farrar came down criticizing me being there. Father again accused me of being someplace not welcome. All those who I approached to give a card were thankful unitl Father Farrar approached me in the act of handing out a card saying that I was not suppose to be where people had gathered taking the opportunity to tell me I was not welcome, not having the discernment to know that.

As of 5 April 2020 I've been doing as directed by the Arch-bishop's office (KCK) in Kansas City Kansas and the VIRTUS Office(KCK) I do have a priest calling me Monday or Tusday concerning the actions of Father Farrar.   I had a wonderful and fullfilling Lent enriching and Holy Week until Father Farrar decided to wage war with me on Holy Thursday, Easter Vigil, Easter, and now Sunday Divine Mercy.

Because of Father Farrar's demeaner this past Easter Sunday I did not go because as I was at the Easter Vigil till very late. I wanted to go to the Easter Mass but after Father Farrar's assault I missed Easter Sunday Morning Mass for the first time in over 60 years.

Sunday 31, March 2024 Easter Sunday. at 2: 00 PM I was carrying my Sacred Heard of Jesus, Immaculate Heart of Mary flag along with my Donald J. Trump 2024, Make America Great again on my 10 mile walk for religious freedom, for America first candidates, and for American traditional family life. For children It seems that our parish has within it, those who support the Biden/FBI's infiltration to go after Faithful Catholics who are loyal to the Teaching Magisterium of the Church. I had potential criminal accusations levied against me that day that has the parish priest involved in the attack.

At the end of the Easter Vigil Service 30 March 2024, I had sat in the far back right in the back of the church and principly stayed alone in prayer with the congregation. The baptisms, confirmations were all wonderful as were all the scripture readings and prayers.

Following the Service I approached the front towards the Sactuary to obtain a consecrated Host for my wife. I then approached Father Farrar to wish him a happy Easter and that's when all hell broke lose. He physically assaulted me causing some brusing.

I stopped along the way when I saw our Choir Director Fernando Gil, to thank him for the extra-ordinary music during the Easter Vigil Mass. I thanked him also for the work in general he does with the choir. He then acknowlege that he was not the one who had accused me of stalking children. I told him that I realize that. As Fenando was explaning to me that he should have informed me previously that their policy is that no parishoner is allowed to sit in on a choir practice. That was news to me.

On 3/28/2024 following the Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord's Supper, I was approached by Father Farrar that he was given a picture of me with the added accusation I was a "Stalker" insinuating that I was somehow interested in picking up children? This hit me from left field totally unexpected. I was not a happy camper to say the least. The issue concerns a choir practice taking place in the chapel area just moments before a Knights of Columbus Meeting that I was preparing to participate.

Having a few minutes for myself I decided to pray and listen in on the Choir practice taking place lead by Fernando Gil, the Director of Sacred Liturgy, Music & Art.  I spoke to no one, I approached no one, was not around or near anyone. To have been falsely accused of stalking children is an outrage. Noone approached me, or came near me. I was sitting alone from the choir who was next to the organ area. I was about 7 pews behind the choir. Also, there were other adults in the area closer to the choir.

Is the FBI's Conspiracy to penetrate The Catholic this resent triduum services true 3/31/2024? The FBI has been utilized by the Biden Administration to use their power to infiltate Catholic parishes to root out faithful Cathoilics who are loyal to the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church because of the opposition to the Woke agenda of the Biden agenda.  It would seem that I have been targeted by such individuals who seek to cause discenssions making false accusations against dedicated Catholics.  That tactic is a common effort coming from the Communist, Socialist, Marxist who seek to uproot America's foundations.  

Because of Father Farrar's demeaner this past Easter Sunday I did not go because as I was at the Easter Vigil till very late. I wanted to go to the Easter Mass but after Father Farrar's assault I missed Easter Sunday Morning Mass for the first time in over 60 years.


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