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The Catholic Defender: Catholic Convert Terry Delp

I am not, nor have I ever been a "member of Deeper Truth" I have been a guest on the show several times, but I never had my own show on Deeper Truth. I do not mind my words being reposted by anyone. But please do not misrepresent me by claiming I am a member of a group or groups that I am not officially a member of.

Sorry about that Terry, when I interviewed you for the first time, I first announced you as. Deeper truth's newest member a person would have to be a practicing Catholic, sorry for the mix up, not my intention, I know Benko would be glad to see this, I regard you as a friend and a strong Catholic. This is the first time I see this formally. From now on I will refer to you as "Catholic Convert" or "Twice Pardoned." I suppose it could be confusing if you have open camps that do not hang together anymore. God bless you Terry and your family. I still would love to meet you! I think if we sat down for a coffee some time, or had a barbeque, that would be great. Better yet, go to mass together, to break bread would be ideal.


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