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Did Trump team throw Sidney Powell under the bus?

JOHN THE VIRGINIAN: There is quite a buzz about the Trump campaign stating that Sidney Powell is not a lawyer on the campaign team nor is working for Trump himself.

The only problem? Sidney agrees...and Twitter blocked her for it.

Sidney Powell and her entire team have donated their time to the American people for the purpose of exposing the breadth and scope of this fraud.

The Trump campaign has one narrow purpose- flip enough votes in enough states to get Trump inaugurated again on 1/20/21.

Sidney's purpose is to show just how deep the wormhole goes and expose all of it. That may take years. You can contribute to her work at

Just consider this- the Trump team has not denied a single claim she has made. This is true even of her openly accusing a standing Republican Governor of being on the take.

Don't listen to the media. It's all about to get real big.

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