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The Catholic Defender: Steve Ray coming on Deepertruth April 22 Monday Night

The Catholic Church in this generation has received a lot of bad press because of some men who did not follow the way of the cross but those who sinned terribly. Not to be outdone, Jesus called many great men into the fold to save a generation.

Steve Ray is one such man who continues to be an inspiration bringing many to the Church through his commitment of following Christ. Steve has helped me considerably in my own Apostolate through his videos and recordings.

You will rarely see the News report anything positive about the Catholic Faith, yet many are received in the Church through the Holy Spirit's touching hearts bring great Conversions such as Steve Ray, Tim Staples, Scott Hahn, and thousands more.

On April 22, 2019, time to be announced, probably 19:00 Eastern time. Steve will again appear on Deepertruth. The last time we talked it was live from Jerusalem. On this particular evening, Steve will appear from the comfort of home. A place he seldom does because he is always on the go where ever the Lord sends him.

Come and join us live if you can, if not, the archive will always be there. I will send out the links closer to the show.

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