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The Catholic Defender: Battle for the Woman vote and the Midterm Elections

In recent times many elections are up for grabs in States that can change the direction of a political party. The two party system that predominates the world of American politics are at times so wide apart and at the same time only separated by grey areas.

Listening to the news you would think that women are driving the blue wave coming to America in the November Mid-term elections. At least that is what the media and the Democrat Party are hoping for.

It is interesting that a lot of media attention has been given to the recent "women's" marches taking place in Washington and other major cities being billed as a "women's march"? However, looking at these marches, yes, obviously women were present, but so were those who are anti-Trump. These were more like the anti-Trump marches that are organized by extreme left organizations.

Interesting to me was just right before these "women's marches", the Pro-life March in Washington D.C. and throughout the country drew far more marchers and yet, the media largely ignored it. If you check out the Pro-life Marches, there are a lot of women, and I don't see where many of them are asked who they support in the upcoming November elections.

On FOX News today on Outnumbered, they had a segment discussing this very issue of the women voter and how this can affect the blue wave? The Liberals are banking on the pro-abortion, pro-gay, pro-illegal Alien policies of the left. The Conservatives are pointing to the better economy, that most women care about jobs as well as Pro-life, Pro-family, Pro-faith issues.

The Liberal's will call to mind how the Republicans lost Alabama, a deep red State, never mind the nearly 20 thousand Republicans who voted for Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse that allowed Democrat Jones to win the Alabama Senate Race. The attacks on Judge Roy Moore trying to paint him as a "child molester" was effective in drawing support away from the Republicans. If there had been one of the other Republican contenders in the race, would we have the same outcome? I don't think so. BTW, since the Alabama race, the accusations against Judge Roy Moore have been archived, mission accomplished by the left.

Did women affect the vote in Alabama? If they thought voting for a candidate who supports killing the unborn child was less that voting for an accused "child molester" 40 years ago, it was how the media packaged the deal. Many did fall for the media's direction. That should be a concern in the upcoming races in November. We know it will get nasty as the media will do everything within their power to push this blue wave. They hate President Trump and want him impeached.

It is important to get the voters out to support the Conservative voters, men and women who recognize the threat of the Left. Most women I know are Christian based, maybe I am perhaps shielded to a degree, but I am known as the eternal optimist. I have hope for America that we can change what Obama and the Democrats are about.

Certainly, the Democrats will go after the single woman, their votes. The Republicans will seek the married women who do care more about family issues. Watching the Pro-life march in Washington I can't help be hopeful as many young single women were out there in that massive crowd.

In our "Battle for the Congress", we need to seek out the votes to keep the House and Senate Red, in fact, we need to win the 60 plus Senate seats to prevent future Democrat filibusters holding America hostage for their agendas.

I will be posting this article on Facebook, it will be interesting to see if they will again block me and oppose the intent of this article. The past three months Facebook as blocked me for writing on Faith related issues.

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