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The Guardian Angel of Deepertruth and the Marian Association

God is in Control and showed HIS Glory to those who were Obedient and Trusting in Him

Since Creation, what happened on March 25, was one of the greatest events from a loving God for Mankind and made possible for Jesus to become Incarnate in the Virgin Mary when she gave her Fiat, giving us an opportunity to be with the Triune God for Eternity. Thank YOU Jesus and Mary

As you read and reflect, go to your knees, say an act of contrition, a morning offering, and the Angelus to start. Jesus I trust in YOU, Mary (Mama guide us to your Son) and hopefully each of you are praying that I don’t forget any of the attacks from Satan and how Jesus through His Mother Mary showed up for their children.

Never with all the 24 previous Marian Conferences, the 30 plus Parish Missions, the 4 Eucharistic Conferences, the 40 plus schools, the Divine Mercy Novenas for years, and the Marian Conference in St. Louis have I more Satanic influence against the Annunciation Marian Conference more than all those events total. I will give you a partial list but know it was worse, and because of the remnant serving the King of Kings and HIS Mother Mary, it was turned around to be the most awesome Marian Conference as a total event that I have ever been to.

Now pray for all the priests and ask God for vocations to the priesthood, and that we all stay true to the Deposit of Faith. Like Father said, do what you can do and pray for those who are in positions of authority that you have no control of, so pray, go to Mass and confession, and give them love and kindness, which is the most powerful thing an individual can do, and pray for those that have a problem with someone and ask God to help that person and the person being attacked.

Think always on Our Lord, because as much as he endured in torture, beatings, spitting on Him, Mocking Him, crowning Him with Thorns and nailing Him to the Cross, he still from the Cross said to the Scribes and Pharasees, “Father Forgive them, they know not what they do.”All men and women, to some degree don’t know what they don’t know.

Never had I had a priest or other speaker taken out of the lineup, but we had a priest taken out who had a great message on Purity for a culture that is impure, I honored that request changed the flyer, and the video, then we had a complaint and another speaker was taken out of the lineup who had a great message for men to be true to Jesus in the Mass and venerate Mary with the Rosary, which we honored and had to change the flyer and the special video again. Then since the beginning, years ago, and having worked in all four diocese in state and others out of state, even though we started with a chaplain as I was asked to start a Marian Association and Direct it, and as things progressed in state and out of state, I then had two spiritual directors to counsel me in my walk to eternity. And each of these makes me think of what we say before receiving the Eucharist, “Lord I am not Worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed”

Then things started happening to the team put together for the Igniting a Fire Parish Missions on the 20 & 21 of March and the Marian Conference on this special day for the Annunciation March 25, for Jesus and Mary. Also, what happened to those working with the teams to Glorify Jesus and honor Mary as Satan took swipes also at individuals and families, and yet all the team and the remnant they spoke to, persevered in their calling to use their special gifts to Glorify Jesus and Honor Mary. In no particular order:

We had three who had car wrecks, one hit a dear after speaking to students and parents letting them know about the Marian Conference, one totaled his truck trying to deliver flyers to the parishes, one had a wreck coming from Gardner Kansas, and then the next day had a worse stroke than he had the year before when he decided to come while his wife slept who had made him stay home after the wreck the first day.

Had to be taken to the Emergency room from the Parish Mission on Tuesday the 21, and is still at the Hospital to have surgery this week. We had another team member that fell and could not get up, and then had to stay home from the Conference and his wife blessed him by bringing food to attendees while she had to take care of her husband. We had one speaker from Texas with car problems with his family coming with him, and another team member who could not use his car to help deliver, but was able to still attend the Conference and MC the event.

We had a group of men that were going to help us be able to feed the people coming unable to do so and told us a few days before the event, we also had never asked any dioceses for funds for the Marian Conferences trying not to be a burden on any facility or Bishop, and asked for some help because of what had happened, they told me they had changed the protocol, so no help. Now some of the Jesus, Mary, and Joseph remnant stepped up and used their gifts through the Holy Spirit to make things happen, and give more than was needed to bless the remnant who were able to come. The sadness of these things happening made it so that many good Catholic Men and women were not notified, and like said, it should have been a standing room only event for Jesus and Mary.

Then like all priests who are true Shepherds, the Shepherd of the facility of the Marian Conference had an obligation to walk with the College Students in meeting with the homeless in Springfield, and two awesome priests from Kansas City Diocese stepped up to lead the procession.

Then when the Knights had two obligations to attend to, a great group of 4th Degree Knights became the Honor Guard for the Eucharistic Procession at 7a.m. were joined by another 4th Degree Knight from Kansas City and they stayed throughout the day to give Glory to the King of Kings at the 5 p.m.

Mass. When the funding for all costs of the Marian Conference hit us hard days before the event, faithful Catholics from all 4 Diocese in Missouri gave their Love and Trust to Jesus and Mary and each in their own way showed that love so deeply, even an elderly Veteran on fixed income from the Jefferson City diocese gave from his heart to bless those coming gave me 1 ten, 3 fives, and 5 ones, make sure those coming to the conference would have something to eat. So many positives happened as the Annunciation was happening many years ago, and each of you that helped or came to strengthen your walk to eternity at the Annunciation Marian Conference, know how real Jesus and Mary were blessing each of you in the Parish Missions in Ozark and Nixa, and at the O’Reilly Student Center in Springfield. There are no accidents, and what Satan meant for bad, all that day was turned to God by the King of Kings and HIS Mother and you the remnant that were blessed to be a part and seeking to bring souls to Heaven. Love and prayers in Christ, GregoryMary

Then I found out that Donald was having surgery and I reached out to ask for prayers, and prayer warriors all over the country and even out of the country came to pray for Donald in HIS trial. And like it was just said to one of our team members, there are those including Donald who believe that Mary and her Son are not done with him yet, Thank you Jesus.

Changing from all the perceived negatives to how the King and HIS Mother reacted to what each of you stepped up to do, for the King of Kings and HIS Mother, on the feast of the Annunciation, necessary for all souls going to Heaven received a great love from those a part of and attending, and not to be outdone, they gave special blessings to those attending.

So many from all four diocese and beyond the state of Missouri each with a special gift that was part of brothers and sisters in Christ becoming a great family of Children and belonged to Jesus and Mary, my heart just started singing on the feast of the Annunciation in the morning at 7 a.m. as we did an awesome procession with our Lord and some of HIS servant spiritual warriors that and I will try to get back to this later for some great positives as I go through the reflections and the most beautiful Marian Conference to date. Love and prayers in Christ to each of you my awesome brothers and sisters in Christ, who made that sissy Satan run for cover because our Mama put the devil to flight out of fear for the ‘Woman’ and she gave great Glory to her Son. Love each of you, talk to you later, May each of us be in the Service of Jesus and Mary until we die. Love and prayers, GregoryMary if I said anything out of line, please let me know, so we give glory to God.

Reflections for Marian Conference March 25, 2023

1. Can't thank our Springfield Marian team of 2023 enough. What an awesome group of giving individuals. We were not given great odds at times, but in the end, gained great strides on our path to Eternity. I felt and saw your talents and good

Works, along with much

Sacrifice. You all touched my heart and soul and being with you made me a better follower of Jesus. You

Are all in my Prayers.

❤️🙏 Sue

2. From the Procession to the end of Mass, best Marian Conference I have ever been to and it changed the life of my husband and I. Should have been promoted by Diocese and advertised for more people to come, it was so inspiring from every priest, all the presenters, Confession, everything. Thank you so much for all that was done for the ones who were blessed to be there.

3. Father Kleine said “Blessed Lenton Season to you sir. Thank you once again for inviting me to be a part of the Marian Conference to speak about

our Lord, and Lady. Thank you and your team for all that you guys do to help others better know, love and serve Our Lord, His Church, and our Mother. May the Holy Family continue to watch over you all.” Then Father Kleine sent another email, “May St. Raphael and St. Luke be with Donald. Thank you for your efforts and consideration towards me, …And may St. Joseph, the Terror of Demons, guide you and protect you all just as he did our Lord and our Lady, Thank you and God Bless.”

4. And on with those honoring the Annunciation from the pews, “I liked starting with the Procession. All of the speakers were excellent and Inspirational.” “I would like to see more advertising for the event or info that is easier to find about the event.”

5. Appreciated all Priests, Fr McCaffery, Fr. Kleine, and Fr. Sunnenberg, Tim Francis, the material tables, The relic table, Confession, and would like an early Mass and longer breaks.

6. The pictures available for free. What a wonderful surprise. The relics are Amazing also. The speakers are excellent. Music was good too. More push from the Bishop. We need the parishes to support this better.

7. Make Father Kleine a regular part of this Conference, he is fantastic. The music was fantastic, as well. Tim’s talk was, as usual, fantastic.

8. Everything was very good. It refreshed my soul. Very well put together Conference. I think it should have been advertised more to get a better crowd.

9. Each speaker had a special message-Inspiring! Thank you for all the hard work to organize this Conference! Procession was a great idea! Great day and program!

10. I appreciated everything, it was wonderful. I appreciate the whole day. The speakers were great!! I love coming to all the Conferences. There is nothing that needs to be improved. Thank you for everything you all do.

11. Fantastic lineup of Speakers, sold Holy content. Generous souls –facility, offerings, meals, volunteers, speakers, clergy.. Thank you, Bless you! Possibly 1 fewer speaker for a bit less rush. (side note on that last comment said 3-4 times over the years, and as I smiled and said which one should I take away, never did they want me to take any away, maybe extend the day)

12. The Holy, wonderful, inspiring speakers and hosts. The Holy example of XXXXXX. The food & hospitality of all the volunteers. The selection of

Religious articles & the Spirit of God which permeate

Religious articles & the Spirit of God which permeated the day. Maybe more advertising-it was not as full as I wished it was. Somehow get more people to attend so more could benefit from the Inspiring Words.

13. Loved the excellent speakers and the resources and Pictures I was able to take home for my family. That was so special to have the Eucharistic procession to start the day, but kind of early don’t you think?

14. From a five year old girl with 10 Rosaries touching the Relics for those she loved, to the great number of those who took the Consecration to Jesus through Mary, and the gift of Father McCaffery speaking to this, more

resources for Consecration went out than at any previous Conference or Parish Mission, Thank you Father McCaffery and all of our awesome presenters and those with ongoing tools for their arsenal from the vender tables most of which was a gift given with no cost for their families, only blessings. Thank you Father Shoby for the Anointing of Donald before taking him to the Emergency Room.

And some more thoughts from Saturday from the two Igniting a Fire parish Missions on March 20 & 21 at St. Joseph the Worker, Ozark and St. Francis of Assisi , Nixa, coming into the Marian Conference on the Annunciation. Sorry some mixed together, but each of those working on the events were part of the whole serving Jesus and Mary. God be with each of you.

1. Great Speakers! Great Info! Loved the Relics! Better seating- How about in Church?

2. All of it was wonderful.

3. All about what you talk about Eucharist. It was perfect.

4. Like everything. Very Impressive with Relics. Tuesday night was awesome!!!

5. Awesome sound. Seating was great, speakers were amazing.

6. So great-where do I start? Very thought provoking. Would like to have talk available on DVD. Need to put on the screen the name of the speakers before presentation starts.

7. Speakers were fantastic, nothing to improve, it was perfect.

8. Appreciated the Topics, speakers, food, program.

9. The topic was relevant and spoke to our family! Thank you.

10. I attended the 2nd night Great! Enlightening presentation, very spiritual. Everything was great.

11. The speakers were fantastic, I loved the Relics. Everything was perfect.

12. I feel so blessed and ready to head to confession and be a better Catholic and person for Jesus.

13. The enthusiasm for Jesus, Mary, and our Faith. More info on the Relics to know who they are, handouts, a mention of them.

14. Appreciated clear voices, visuals, personal sharing of life stories, Keeping to time schedule.

15. The talks and presentation. Thank You.

16. It would be really great if the talks were presented to the youth. Thank you. Especially in schools and High schools.

17. Appreciated Everything, thank you! Please take this program to school of all ages especially high schools and colleges. More of it more often!

18. The Relic display is amazing! I’m so thankful to have witnessed it. Your story is inspirational. As an educator, I have learned that an hour of speaking is a good amount. Thank you for sharing with the children and welcoming in the families, and community. You are appreciated for your work!

19. The Speakers were wonderful! Loved seeing the Relics! Seating was great, sound was great. Loved it! Nothing that I would see different or improved.

20. I enjoyed it all, Thank you! More people

21. I saw people from Illinois, Arkansas, Kansas, Texas, and from St. Louis, Blue Springs, Kansas City, Jefferson City area, Springfield surrounding area and College Students, so sad we did not have standing room only for Jesus and Mary on the day of the Annunciation. More people need to fill up places for these events and more of them year round.

22. The history and stories of the events. How we need to say the rosary everyday and keeping our faith in Mary & Jesus trying to look back in our lives & realize how God has really answered our prayers even tho it was not in the way we thought He would or the way we thought He should? More time to hear the history of each of the relics.

23. The way you express Faith of God. That Satan is evil force I fight him all the time. Prayers are very important. That we all important in our special way.


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