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The Guardian Angel: Heaven or Hell, this is no Game!!!

Are people dying and going to Hell because of you as Shepherd not warning them? See

James 4:17, and follow that with 1John 2 chapter, does God call you as shepherd and

those you teach liars? Are we not told in Acts 5:29, “We must obey God rather than

men.” Wasn’t God speaking to you in 2 Chronicles 7:14?

Urgent!!! Please read for lives and souls. There is so much History and Scripture, Is the

silence of the pulpits going to, again, cost the lives and souls of many people and


I say this out of charity for your souls and those you serve, please listen, not to me, but to

God, in context, about the things that can affect your lives now and for eternity.

A political party will not save our country or our world, only God can do that, and if we

are prideful and do things in the flesh like Satan wants us to, we will fail and our country

and world will suffer in a major way.

There is evil and the devil is real, do we really understand how Satan can manipulate us,

and do we really believe it. Jesus knew and believed the devil was real, so did his

apostles and the early Christians, as we see and hear of his evidence as our enemy we put

ourselves, our family and friends at risk, if we disbelieve. So we have to ask ourselves

and our leaders why we and they have stopped taking the devil seriously?

I have been with Presidential Candidates, and I have run for Governor of Missouri and

have seen the corruption and evil working first hand, and I have researched this evil at the

hands of the Masons and the Communists who have infiltrated the churches and all

entities at every level to shut down opposition and take over the power that will

ultimately impact the lives and souls of all of us.

There is so much more, but know this, Democrats have been infiltrated by (Masons and

Communists) and are Traitors and liars to God, Family, and Country.

Now understand that Satan’s dupes (Masons and Communists) have also infiltrated the Republican party as well even though not entirely yet, so stay on guard. You may find a reason in your own mind, that you don’t

want to vote for Trump right now, but you for sure cannot vote for the Democrats at this time.

To do so would be like spitting in the face of a Holy God. Your choice stand with God or man, go

back and read the Scriptures above. For you and those you serve Heaven or Hell. So don’t let

Satan dress up rhetoric to trick you and make you believe you can vote for evil.



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