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The Development of a Catholic reading list

To pretend I am now an expert on Catholic reading would be quite laughable, to be sure. Nevertheless, it's a goal.

Like any goal, there has to be a reasonable way of getting there. So, to develop my essential foundation of Catholic reading, I am going to develop a Top 100 list of Catholic books I intend to have read. Once I conquer the list, I'll figure out how to broaden it.

I am going to start with this list of 241 books. So far, I own 28. This includes all of the Top 7 and 9 of the top 14. I haven't completed all 28 but will do so soon. So that gives me 72 books left to select to make my top 100 because all the ones I own make my list by default.

That's 72 books out of 213. You can take off 3 because I will never read anything by Bishop Levebre, Father James Martin or Richard Dawkins. Since the initial list is down to 238, I am going to allow myself 12 more wild card titles to take it to an initial list of 250. Out of that 250, I will select 100, including the 28 I already own.

Stay tuned. This is going to be a fun project.


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