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The Catholic Defender: Wind at our Back

On Friday, 25 September 2020 on Friday night Deepertruth Trump for America Radio Show, Matt Pryor of Troy Michigan when asked what he thought about recent polls, he stated that we have the "Wind at our Back". Despite the 90% plus negative reporting coming from the press, President Trump is continuing to hold protests across America promoting his vision for the future. Large crowds are assembling at area airports where they can come and listen to President Trump's speeches. Great enthusiasm is off setting the hate Trump message of the far Left.

During the same show John Benko of Virginia made a great point when I shared Patrick Mahomes third and 15 4th quarter play that aided the Kansas City Chiefs victory over the San Francisco 49ers in the Superbowl. He thought a better example was when the Chiefs beat the Houston Texans after being down 24 to nothing when KC came back winning 51 to 31. The Chiefs dominated after being down 24. That is like President Trump coming from being way down in March and April to now he is winning in more States and should close with another 4 more years as President.

Judy and Paul Alciatore and Ana from Texas also make great points how people are being seen on Facebook and also Laredo where Democrats were a majority in that location now President Trump is making in-roads. Michael from New Jersey is saying that President Trump is making progress there as well. All the Far Left's demonstrations burning cities down, looting, violence, hurting police and bullying people at restaurants is taking an affect on voters across America.

Struggling Republican Senators are now receiving some of that wind as they follow along with the coat-tales of the President's popularity. We need to hold on to the Senate and take back the House of Representatives who promise to pack the Supreme Court, add more liberal States to gain more Senators should the Democrats win. They are not happy that President Trump has chosen Amy Coney Barrett as the 9th Supreme Court Justice which the Senate will hold hearings beginning on 12 October, my birthday!

We need to have all hands on deck in getting out the vote, if you can go in and vote, that is much better than depending on these mail-in-ballots which we are seeing lost ballots most of whom were Trump votes? Early voting will be a great opportunity to ensure your vote counts. The concern of Democrats is their threat of taking away the Freedom of Religion, speech, the Second Amendment as Socialism, Marxism, and Communism are serious threats.


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