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The Catholic Defender: The Sacrifice of Time

Michael McGlinn recently spoke at the Marian Conference that was held in Jackson Missouri August 13-14, 2021. His topic, "Becoming Confident in God's Goodness", inspired many to "pray more and listen more".

Michael shared how much Adoration had helped him in developing his faith, solidifying his faith helping him in life. He talked about "the sacrifice of Time" that we do God's will in our lives.

2 Corinthians 5:10 states, "Therefore, since we know the fear of the Lord, we try to persuade others; but we are clearly apparent to God, and I hope we are also apparent to your consciousness." One day we will be held accountable for the way we used our time. It is getting tougher as we spend our time in taking care of our families. We spend many hours working out our path to live life. As we have become more secular, it is becoming more of a challenge to incorporate our faith in this "new enlightenment".

Looking at the concept of the sacrifice of time, what is the most important thing that we should care about how we utilize our time? I spoke with Steve Ray, a Catholic convert/apologist, who told me that he has a skull placed on his desk in his office. He told me that this is a reminder that one day he will meet his maker and until Jesus returns, this will be his state in after-life. His sharing about the skull I used when I spoke on the four last things, Death, Judgement, Heaven, and Hell.

Mark Kiser, Catholic convert/apologist in a talk that he gave at Booneville Missouri asked those present at that conference, he asked what is going to matter most 200 years from now? The only thing that is going to matter is who is in Heaven and who is not. That should be a major concern for us now. Our faith should be the priority in what we do today that will matter to us 200 years from now.

Would spending time in Adoration help you when you stand before the Judgement seat of Christ

Would spending time praying the Rosary help you when you stand before the Judgement seat of Christ

Would spending time in reaching out for the lost help you when you stand before the Judgement seat of Christ

We need to get out of our comfort zone and transform ourselves to be ready to venture into God's comfort zone. We need to allow the Holy Spirit to turn on the Light even when at times we are too tired, when we have other things we want to do. There is a difference from what we sometimes want to do verse what we need to do.

Yes, we need to take care of our needs today, to pay the bills, to spend times of love with your spouse, children, being a good servant of Christ in all you do. It is always God first, Spouse second, children third, work fourth, and everything else moving downwards. Notice that the first three is totally interconnected. In loving and taking care of your family, that is what God wants us to do, especially when it comes to the practice of our faith that brings us closer to the Lord. To know, love, and serve God.

I often use the triangle to demonstrate the triangle of love. God is at the top of the triangle, either spouse at the ends of the triangle. The closer that they move towards Christ, the closer they move towards each other. They are using the sacrifice of time in taking care of what is most important.

Men, it is utmost important that you take your responsibility in evangelizing your family and the world. When men are evangelized, about 93% of them will have their whole household going to church. When you evangelize men, you evangelize families, when you evangelize families, you evangelize communities, when you evangelize communities, you evangelize society, when you evangelize society, you evangelize the world.

Taking the time to do God's will is the most important time you will pass through. Luke 15:3-8 tells us that Jesus would leave the 99 sheep who are safe and go after the one that has gone into danger. When Jesus find his sheep, there is much joy. This should be our priority as well when we are faced with family members who have gone their own way.

The sacrifice of time you will find that as you offer such time, the more you will see such time as not so much a sacrifice as much as a necessary need and want. You start out offering five minutes in Adoration and soon you will want to spend far more time with Our Lord.

If we want to change the conditions taking place in our country and the world, the more the faithful will need to spend time in Adoration and prayer. Make the Mass the center of your life, go to weekday Mass as you can. We can change the world as we can change ourselves.


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