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In 1384, a curator from Valencia, Spain, went to bring the Holy Communion to a dying person. Despite a storm that was brewing, the priest knew he had to do everything so that this poor soul, who was about to meet God, could go in grace.

At the end of his mission, and as he was returning home, a violent storm erupted that forced the priest to protect the relic with three hostages anointed against his chest.

While passing the Carraixet ravine, he noticed that the water was very high and that he had to use a board to build a bridge.

Unfortunately, while trying to cross it, he lost his balance and dropped the relic with the hostesses sacred in the river. In the midst of despair, the priest dived into the river to save them, but he couldn't; the current of the river had taken everything away! With great sadness, the curator informed the community of the incident and offered to start a search.

They searched all night and in the morning they found the empty box. How sad! The only thing left for the priest to perform, with the faithful, acts of reparation with prayers and penitence.

But the Lord was moved by the love the community and the healer had, and He decided to give them a big miracle.

The population then lives three fish standing in the river's current, holding in their mouths the three consecrated hostels abandoned for loss.

Everybody fell on their knees, moved by this miracle, and brought the priest. The fish did not move until the priest's arrival and, dressed in his sacred garments, he approached the riverbank.

Seeing the priest, the fish also approached the riverbank and laid the body of Christ upon the priest's consecrated hands, while the faithful, on their knees, with tears in their eyes, sang praises to our God.


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