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The Catholic Defender: Spiderman, can you help the Republicans get a little spine

Dear Spidy, I am calling on you to help good Republicans like Rudy Giuliani and a few others as they attempt to expose Joe Biden and the media to save President Donald Trump who actually won this Presidential Election by the most votes ever. Unfortunately, several Republican are spineless who wants to certify an election stolen by big money in the biggest conspiracy known to man. Even thousands of dead people were able to vote?

Spiderman, Georgia is a great example. There are nearly 143,000 votes coming from the underage, the grave, the out of State, and a whole lot more. President Trump only fell behind by 12,000 votes as a result of all the illegal votes as well. Knowing that you have had bad press from the fake news, you can certainly understand what America is going through because of this coup.

Spiderman, America needs those who truly stand for the American flag and the cause of justice. Since our DOJ is out of commission on this and our FBI appears to be in on this massive coup, you might be the one to help before it's too late. Maybe the Supreme Court was expecting you to web in?


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